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  1. Ram Man 02

    47RE advice

    I had to run some errands this morning so i took the truck. got everything warmed up and batteries fully charged. when i got back to the house i left the truck running and grabbed my Ideal DVOM which is less then 5 years old so it has more features then i know what to do with. I did just like mike shows in his video. When i turn it on the meter is dancing around picking up stray voltage but if i touch the 2 leads together it goes to 0. so i hooked the leads up and it took about 5 seconds for the meter to settle out and came up with 0.002V ac. Thinking that theres no way i did that right coming up with such a small number i repeated myself a handful of times coming up with the same results after about 5 seconds. I shut the truck off and checked resistance from the alternator case to the negative terminal of the passenger battery and got less then 1 ohm. also checked the ground strap on the PCM to battery and also less then 1 ohm so my grounds appear to be in good shape. Im going to try resetting the APPS even though there doesnt appear to be anything wrong and go for a test drive next. -APPS reset didnt change anything
  2. Ram Man 02

    47RE advice

    I dont honestly know how to answer that. i think i picked that term up from someone else and i keep using it, so... the best way i can describe it is between 45 and 50mph when the converter is locked the truck shakes like it has snow or mud packed into the wheels. as soon as i drop under 45mph the converter will unlock but stay in OD and the truck is smooth. Most of the roads around me are 55mph so im typically driving 60mph. normally above 50mph i dont feel the shake but if i let off the throttle just enough to let the converter unlock (say im approaching a car going slower) and then apply throttle to maintain my new speed, as the converter relocks for less then 1 second i can feel the shudder. i can also duplicate that over and over if i let off just enough to allow unlock and then ease back into the throttle. Now if i have the truck in 4X4 all the above scenarios get slightly worse. If im in 2wd and pulling a trailer they are worse yet again. in 4x4 with a trailer its boarder line violent. My usual coarse of action if it starts shaking is to pop it into 3rd gear and let it rev until im going say 55 or more and then it can go back into OD. or ive noticed it will "power through" the shaking if it builds some boost and accelerates up to say my 60mph cruising speed. I also want to say that this spring when i needed 4x4 even going 55 which is normally smooth in 2wd the shaking was still there. i would then slow down a little and use 3rd gear. I know the original transmission was doing that for several winters and i might be misremembering but i want to say that as the shaking gets worse so does the speed range. other random thoughts here: -the tires are fairly new and dont shake at fast speeds so i dont think thats an issue. -I have lock out front hubs so the front axle is just along for the ride and i dont see any issues there. -the rear end was swapped for a "rebuilt" dana 80 about 20k miles ago. i dont know how many miles were on the rebuild but everything was tight and i could still see the machining marks on the ring gear which told me it was a fairly fresh rebuild. The drive shaft was shortened at the same time to compensate for the larger housing and had new joints installed and was balanced. -Some other things ive considered is maybe the Banks tuner is doing something wierd? -Do i have an injector not working quiet right and when the converter locks at such a low rpm it amplifies the engine issue?
  3. Ram Man 02

    47RE advice

    I noticed the giant splice when I moved the ground wire out of the harness. ill try cutting it open this weekend and see whats inside! ill give dynamic a couple days and if he doesn't chime in by Monday ill try calling. I also want to give a big thank you to everyone! This has been far more productive in just a couple days then the cummins forum ever is. I should have joined here years ago! My battery cables are original and still in fairly decent shape but ill look into those when I get a chance. Plus with the copper shield on them they should be making a good connection but I'm sure looks can be decieving.
  4. Ram Man 02

    47RE advice

    codes were pulled less then a week ago and there were none at the time. i was hoping there was something so i had a direction to go. apps is stock. should i look into one of those timbo units? i just discovered them while researching this problem and they seam to have good reviews. i havent had a chance to recheck the alternator voltage. i work night so it makes it difficult until this weekend. i too had thought that the worn stator could have been caused what ever this mystery issue is. i really dont want to keep pulling the transmission for the fun of it. i do not know what the w-t ground mod is and i will check the alternator again this weekend. i also do not know who dynamic is but with 2 recomendations i like them already. still trying to find my way around the forum...
  5. First let me say Hello to everyone. My name is Jeremiah. I own an 02 that i bought new. currently has 168k. I still love the truck but it has me very frustrated lately and I need some advice. This is going to get long winded but im going to do my best to describe whats going on. It has a Banks big hoss tuner thats 70hp and some 65hp injectors. fairly mild set up and im very happy with how it performs. several years ago I had torque converter problems. it shuttered in lock up, and you could power through the clutch while it was locked. the more you loaded the engine ( such as in 4x4, or pulling a trailer) the worse the shaking got. i limped it along until it got to a point where i couldnt even use 4x4 in OD because it shook the truck so bad. This shaking could be described like snow or mud packed into the wheels. as soon as i dropped under 45mph and the converter unlocked it went away. I assumed it was the stock junk converter. finally decided to get the trans rebuilt 3 years ago at 155k and called Goerend but they told me they dont do customer work anymore and would have to go through one of their dealers. so i found the closes one to me and had them do the work. we'll call them "shop A" and all they do is automatic rebuilds and I did all the R&R. they installed a Triple disk converter, shift kit, billet input, ect. dont remember all the little details off the top of my head but i wanted overkill so i never had to pull it again. fast forward to earlier this year and probably 10k miles later i started having shuttering problems again but it was my only vehicle at the time and couldnt do anything about it so i drove it 2 months like that until i got a new work car. Then i only drove it when needed because it started having delayed engagement problems and the converter would drain back if it sat for more then a week. so i finally did something about it in September. I drove it to "Shop A" so they could drive it and see the problems. they agree that something is wrong and it still under warranty so they will fix it. So i tear the trans out and drop it off. They told me they found play in the Stator and that was causing all my problems. cut the converter open and everything looked good in there.I asked how the clutches looked and they were like new so they also got reused. They delivered it to me when it was finished and also flushed the lines and coolers since they found some shavings in the pan. I put it back in and with in 10 miles of driving nicely i could feel that the converter shutter was still there. drove it to work a couple days nicely just to confirm it and its still there. I had a friend look at it and we went for a test drive with his snap on scanner hooked up. I get no codes so as far as the scanner can tell it thinks everything is normal. I also hooked up to a trailer he has that weight maybe 4-5k lbs total and the shaking gets worse. This is something the truck should easily be able to handle but we both agree that something isnt right because the more i load the engine the worse it gets. he just does mechanic work on the weekends and didnt know what i should do next. Ive done a ton of googling and reading various threads, and In searching my issues online i ran across people moving the engine ground wire out of the harness by the alternator which didnt help me. I checked for AC voltage with my DVOM and got .02v but that was at the battery posts but i realized i need to go back and recheck it at the alternator stud instead. I sanded the block ground, the jumper wire going to the PCM, and the body ground by the passenger battery cable. Ive cleaned the battery cables and even grabbed a can of this copper shield stuff from work which is designed specifically for electric connections to prevent corrosion and promote conductivity. i used it on all the above sanded wires and battery connections with no changes. I havent let the transmission shop know of my troubles yet because i trust that they are putting out a good product or at least trying to so i assume its on the truck side??? so now i dont know where to go next. I probably should call them at the least and see what they say and ive also been tempted to take it to this mechanic shop by my house and see if they can diagnose the problem. I posted the picture of the truck because im sure there are others like me that enjoy seeing other peoples trucks. Thank you for the help. I cant wait to see what the responses are!
  6. Ram Man 02

    CAD&Free spin kit Advice

    i have the syntec lock outs on my 02. have roughly 30k on them with zero issues. theyre expensive for sure. i didnt really notice any mpg gains afterwards and that was one of the reasons why i went with them. the other reason was the U joints and wheels bearings were all shot so i was replacing all those parts any way, figured i might as well add the kit? i dont regret it because im sure its saving wear and tear on the u joints during the summer months but its going to take a long time to recoup the costs that way
  7. Ram Man 02

    Ram Man 02