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  1. Update! Well I installed new lift pump and it took care of my,other issue. So far, new ecm seems to be working great its been abour 3 1/2 months since installed. I got the ecm from ACR in Florida.. Thanks for all the help
  2. 10th post down I reas about them https://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/98-5-02-powertrain/2251690-where-buy-send-ecm-repairs.html#/topics/2251690?page=1 So i had a friend come over to help me check out the truck and we found the seals in the raptor lift pump have started to leak and there was diesel fuel in the connector plug next to the pump. So weve found that that is why the pump was shorting and why we got the one code. So new pump coming soon and we will go from there
  3. I found SIA from one of the other cummins boards, I just was looking aroubd reading can post and someone said they used them so i just called em up and gave it a shot. As far as the cause they saod what was wrong with the old,ecm I just forgot. But it believe it was from ac noise and a bad diode in the alternator
  4. I sent it to SIA for testing in hopes they can fix it, when they couldnt fix it they sent it back. So then I purchesed a new ecm from ACR in Florida and sent my old one is as a core. The only codes I had before ecm were po1694 and po1693
  5. Sure, SIA Electronics out of tildon,IL. You can send your ECM, they will test it and if repairable they will repair for 183$? I believe thr price was. And if its not repairable they send it back to you for shipping charge only. They also reman Mass Air Flow Sensors, Anti-Lock Brake Computers EBCM’S and anti-lock brake hydraulic units http://siaelec.com
  6. UPDATE! well finally got to take the truck on a test drive after ecm and little problems. 15 mins of driving the truck i got the same misfire and smoking i was feeling before ecm replacement. ( I know the previous ecm was bad, I sent it to SIA electronics to have it tested). Now I'm getting p1693,p1694,p0230 and p0216. So back at it again hopefully gunna find sone answers
  7. I will definitely keep you posted on the ecm, ive yet to take it for a drive. As fas as the ground mod was super simple and now I'm just wondering if i should consider a 140amp breaker for the alternator lead?
  8. No the ecm was good it was all error on my end and with my parts.
  9. The lp motor was sticking and causing the wires to heat up I guess is how it was described by a friend who helped me out.
  10. New ecm is from all computer resources. Well I figured it all out and the truck runs great. I think the lp is on its way out its starting to show its age and has fared well this far. But I thank everyone one for the help. Happy its going again and running good with the new ecm
  11. Theres a 25 amp fuse, nothing changed on the setup that worked 2 weeks ago until the ecm now new ecm and this lol. I'm at a loss for it
  12. So i had a little,time to look at it some more. The wire that is melted is the power wire,to the lift pump. I checked all the wires made sure they werent chaffed or rubbed and grounding out . they seemed good. It just boggles my mind that this was all good before the ecm went bad. When i put a good relay in it seems like the pump struggles alittle and dosent sound like it did pre ecm faliure. Could the pump straining make the wire melt?
  13. I wanna say yes it goes to the factory connector but ill know for sure tommorow after work. I'll have daylight to mess with it. I didnt notice if it was yellow or not
  14. Well got home and started to mess around with it a little. Noticed the relay plug had power so i figured must be a bad relay, swapped it out and the pump kicked on! Yippie! Except i noticed the wires at the relay plug started smoking, took a closer look at the old relay and noticed it was black. Obviously a problem there. I traced the wire that was smoking from the relay and it goes into a harness by the starter so I'm assuming it goes to the ecm? I was hoping my electrical problem was solved considering i dont know my way around wires at all. Mind you this raptor lift pump has been on t
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