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  1. I also want to know how hard this is and which EB to get? This was not my plan, but an hour of reading and I'm sold. Now on to research...
  2. Interested in this thread and can't find a better one for brake upgrade questions. 2001 dually 6 SPD manual and second set of brakes at 100k miles. 90k miles of horse trailer or 5th wheel. Need better brakes. Not buying new rim's. Truck is all stock except for fass pump. Best route?
  3. Nutter


  4. He had others that were reman but for my (mis-spoke earlier and said used) reman from Industrial Injection i was out $1,080 after core return of $400. But this one he said was new. He said his new is only ever Bosch or Duralast (AZ brand). Unsure how true. That DAP is $100 cheaper than my Industrial Injection from DieselPowerProducts.com but mine had a 2 year warranty. I guess we know what a year of warranty is worth.
  5. Duralast DL 2617 this is the regular price, dude said commercial was $500 cheaper, with three year warranty. He was trying to sell me after I bought from diesel power products used and cheaper with 2 year warranty.
  6. No link but you have to get it under commercial price. Dude here has car clubs under commercial pricing. He did get me a receipt with part number. I'll figure out how to take a pic and post it.
  7. I put pump to ECM as if I just had an extension harness with original connector. Right now it's ghetto, but I'll redo it when I remove all of the FASS wiring and make it a little more perm. EDIT: I spoke to FASS this morning. They acknowledge my issue and concerns and apologized for not doing so sooner. Too bad i didn't remember who i spoke to before. The guy i spoke to this morning says because so many of these gen dodges have ECM reference issues, my stock truck with no issues is rare (unfounded). They're actually in process of researching a resistor kit for the old connector tha
  8. I know it's not fancy diesel shop but Auto Zone sells brand new (not reman) VP for $1600 and $550 core under commercial program. 3 yr warranty too.
  9. Turns out my paperwork that says '01 245hp 6-speed has to have 4.10 is dumb. I heard somewhere there is a sticker in the glove box that little elves just put there last night because it's never been there before and it says I have 3.55 which explains my 2k rpm at 72 mph with stock size 235's on my 2wd. Always bought off the door sticker.
  10. Update: I decided I had the time tonight, cold and dark as it is and that I was not going to be a wussy and wait for daylight during the weekend. Funny story: Cut the harness from the pump and the connector from the ECM. Hardwired the two together. Cleared code. Ignition on, no code. Pump on half second. Bump start pump on 25 seconds. Start truck, pump is on. Ignition off, pump is off. No code. Funny right? FASS is going to get some words tomorrow and reviews updated and the diesel parts powerhouses are going to get some reviews and phone calls as well. I'mg
  11. According to my paperwork, in 2001, the 1st year of the HO (245 hp; VIN 7) could only be equipped with a 6-speed and 4.10. I've never physically inspected or measured, but that's what the paperwork says. it's also 2WD.
  12. I also have a 2001 3500 dually, 6-speed with 4.10 and have 235's on it. I rarely go over 1600 rpms, I'm in 6th by 40 mph around town, and get 18-20 mpg or 450-500 mi per tank. On the highway empty I hit 2k rpms at 72 mph. Keeping it at 65 I'll get 700 miles on the tank or close to 25 mpg. This is before the FASS I added 2 weeks ago, otherwise all stock.
  13. My weekend project will be to verify voltage and ground, then to add a connector to my FASS harness and go with the suggested wiring solutions here. Does anyone know the size/type of connector? looking at the manual, it appears to be 18 gauge, 2-pin...1.5mm? This could be interesting since my truck will be in service for the weekend, at my daughter's rodeo. Since my second job is Taekwondo tournaments, my third job is Rodeo and Gymkhana and my fourth job is Parkour, my projects are traveling or late at night (I'm 1.5 hrs from civilization). I can actually see the future
  14. A Nutter Update: Spoke to FASS today regarding the instructions and bypassing the ECM, leaving ignition on as source for pump operation direct from battery. Brought up safety (always on) and ECM and codes, etc. Responses: 1. Difference in instructions - Some high percentage of troubleshooting calls were related pump and harness wiring and codes. Follow-ups (they asked me to follow up also) attributed the majority of those problems to faulty ECM's and/or truck side wiring issues or situations where the ECM wasn't handling the pump correctlyl (unsure of what this meant, i a
  15. When I get on the phone with FASS tomorrow I'll ask these questions. Would be interested in a Dodge response if anyone knows a Dodge engineer. I'll be sure to post answers. I'mguessing I'm the first since the instructions were updated just a month ago, and the cutoff is 2 months ago.
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