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  2. yes. Still charging, but the brushes were almost completely wore out. While i had it out and apart, i had the shop install new diodes and a new rectifier. It also worth noting that i did experience some of the other electrical problems sporadically i.e. weird vibration at 55mph.(installed BD diesel noise isolator) and sporadic APPS problems
  3. So i have exhausted my mechanical aptitude. I seem to be snow balling the problems with my truck. I employed the help of a coworker who is a good diesel mechanic. Long story short... the NEW alternator got fried! After i installed it and ran it (15-20 seconds; just long enough to test the blue wire for 12v) on what I'm figuring is a bad PCM, it won't charge on a good PCM (in a 2002 dodge)!! My friend has the truck at his shop and took the New alternator off my truck and ran it on his wife's old truck, the 02 dodge, and it still got hot and wouldn't charge. Could a bad PCM kill alternators or c
  4. Thanks for the tip JAG1! I will test that connector ASAP. Thanks for the reassurance of the right decision Mike. Seems like if its too good to be true it probably is applicable in this instance. I am hoping to put these electrical demons to bed for good! I have a new alternator, new batteries and will do the W-T mod and circuit breakers before the ECM and PCM get repaired. My truck is about to be OOS for a week anyway. I'm putting in the RV275 injectors, an airdog lift pump, new redhead steering box, steering pump and vacuum pump rebuild. So the li
  5. Sorry for the delay in posting any updates. It's been a heck of a week. So I checked the blue wire. No luck. It didn't have any voltage. It appears the PCM is not working. I am still new to working on 12V electrical, but have read a lot the past week or two on this issue and the ECM wiring fixes. I ended up having my buddy who is an electrician by trade look at the truck and the wiring schematics and he thought it would be an easy fix for a local computer repair shop to put a new voltage regulating diode in the PCM. Also, I have looked at the PCM rebuild through Autocomputerspecialist.co
  6. 1999 dodge 2500 Auto new batteries Grid heater deleted Everything else pretty much stock I replaced my alternator in preparation for getting my ECM rebuild. Installed my rebuilt alternator after they replaced the brushes, diodes and rectifier. Started the truck. No charge. Alternator got very hot. Went and got a brand new alternator.. Same thing.. I am looking for help!! Where to start trouble shooting. Hoping the PCM isn't fried too! I am headed to the store tomorrow to buy a new multimeter, mine broke recently, to check the gree
  7. Just giving an update... replaced my alternator. I am getting ready to ship my ECM to Autocomputerspecialist in Florida. Hopefully while the ECM is getting rebuilt I will do the W-T mod and PCM protection. I was able to start my truck about twice after i got new batteries and alternator (only when the WTS wasn't flashing)? Is that a good sign, or is that irrelevant?
  8. Thanks for the reply! I would like to put this ECM problem to bed for good... the first time!! I have read about AC noise coming from the alternator, can this be checked outside the vehicle at a shop?
  9. Went to start my 1999 2500 and the battery was dead. After charging the battery, My wait to Start light was flashing and wouldn't start. I have read a lot about this pointing to a bad ECM. I was planning on sending mine to carcomputerexchange.com. $514 for a rebuild and lifetime warranty. I haven't pulled any codes yet. I'm going to buy an OBD2 reader tomorrow when i get off work. My questions are... 1. Is there anything that would fry the ECM that i should check before the new one goes in? 2. Has anyone dealt with carcomputerexchange? Also, my WTS light hasn't come on
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