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  1. Goose0316


  2. I probably messed up putting the shift kit in then
  3. Well I’m thinking about it now and the truck I pulled it out of had a lock up switch but I didn’t want it so I didn’t install it. Is there something I should have done extra to get rid of it?
  4. I’ve already opened it up twice I have it at strictly diesel now
  5. It locks when it’s supposed to but when I slow down it won’t unlock causing the truck to stall but if I downshift it manually there is no problem. I changed the electronics from the early version to the late version.
  6. Hi I have a 2001 sport 4x4 Cummins. Just put a early 47re in with a dpc billet single disc tc, deep pan, and I did a trans go shift kit. Not the Torque converter won’t unlock I’ve changed all of the electronics in the tranny and pulled the valve body back apart and have found nothing wrong why is it still doing this???
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