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  1. Will do.....got a list for a few things....thanks
  2. Pdc and it just says fuel system...it’s a bigger type fuse
  3. I don’t think an 01 has it,,..think that’s controlled through the computer but there might be a relay just haven’t had a lot of time to work on it yet
  4. I will give that a try but for now I just pull the fuse for the fuel system then disconnect the batteries
  5. I think it’s one of my new injectors....found a couple washers on one of the old ones so I’m thinking I missed one... However though my battery keeps draining if I don’t disconnect it after I pull the fuel system fuse and key....so it can’t be an injector can it?
  6. It’s shut off The turbo timer is shut off..not the truck
  7. 01 Cummins won’t shut off....replaced ignition and still won’t shut off...any ideas?
  8. Will do in the morning...thanks for the tip
  9. I’ve checked every fuse known to man....have everything but running lights, anyone have any ideas on what I can do next?...01 Cummins
  10. Alternator checked out good...by a couple young kids at oriellys so maybe I need to go somewhere else but anyway it checked out good and the battery I’d brand new....so my volts go from 14.5 to 11.7 while I’m driving on the highway for a minute or two at least 3 to 4 time on my way to work which is 70miles one way...anyo e got any ideas? I disconnected my grid heater and it seems like it does it less but it still does it...
  11. The big turbo went to hell so just put It back to a single for now....have plans for a new setup but injectors were cheaper for now and in the future I’ll need bigger ones then the ones I have now.....compounds are the only way to go for sure just not in the budget right now
  12. Thought I did but she’s running a little hotter than I was hoping...but cooler than my 175%’s....went with what pure diesel recommended.....wishing I went smaller couse I wanna keep my super b special but I guess I’m upgrading the turbo...
  13. I have sum 175 overs....lightly used and will be out of the truck in a few days I would sell u....I was running compounds with them for a few months....went back to a single and gonna put new ones in this Sunday....if ur interested
  14. You need and want two batteries in Colorado.....that grid heater draws a lot when it’s cold ....I’m in Wyoming so yeah
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