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  1. Noice couse I’m at higher elevations.....I can get a hx35 cheap from a buddy..
  2. Will do since it’s only a month old..thanks for all the input....
  3. That’s what I’m thinking....I’m guessing it reading hotter than it really is by a lot....
  4. What about the hx40?....i definitely wanna keep the super b as my big one couse I love it but I’m thinking that 40 might be too big for the small one...is there any info out there on how to set up the wastegates on compounds?
  5. I will update all that....not sure on what’s been done to it, I bought it wrecked from a shop that bought it from the original owner....the only thing I know for sure is that it has 175 over injectors...head studs...quadzilla....did have compound turbos but one was ruined in the wreck...a new intercooler....3 piece manifold with studs....I rebuilt the tranny with a suncoast kit to Handle 500hp and rebuilt the front end...I’m a 12 valve guy...never owned a 24 and I haven’t really messed with my 6.7 so the electronics are kinda new to me....
  6. Before starting this morning,,,70 degrees outside....the iquad was @130 and the autometer was at 50ish....started up the iquad went to 300 at idle in five minutes the auto meter was around 200....took it on a 5 mile loop and left idle in the driveway for 5 minutes the iquad was at 350 and the auto meter was at 250ish....swapped the sensors around and did the same thing just now with about the same result....
  7. It’s already got the head studs....so I should go with something smaller than the 40...don’t really have any goals, just want a truck that can pull 8k up the mountains at good speed and still be fun to drive around....I have an extra turbo and was just thinking about doing it...
  8. Would my super b special and a hx40w be a good set up for a compound system?
  9. So I dropped in my super b special....egt’s are now around 900 @ 75mph....they still get into the 1100s here and there..I’ve checked everything twice and have no boost leaks...I was curious about the accuracy of the quad egt’s....when I was getting around 700 to 800 egt’s that was on my auto meter gauge but I didn’t care for the pillar so I got rid of them and went with just the quad sensors and I didn’t drive it for a month or so couse it’s my boys truck....that’s when he told me about it getting high egt’s so I posted here for sum help....I kinda forgot about doing that and never really thought about the gauges being off....so I hooked the auto meter Pyro back up just to test it and it reads about 650@75mph....the quad was reading 900@75mph....have two ports in the manifold so this was done at the same time...not sure which one to believe....
  10. Damn u guys got sum good info....I appreciate this a lot....thanks for all the posts, that’s why I pay for this site....I’ve tracked down sum 4:10 gears for a good price but I’m gonna do boost leak test when I swap turbos on my days off first....
  11. 4:10 will kill my mileage...I’m not going bigger exhuast I just need an v band adapter for the super b....it’s a 5” and my exhuast is a 4”....I’m gonna drop it back to stock height this summer, hate the lift but it came that way....I’ll do some tinkering and thinking...thank you
  12. Ok bruh.....275 70r 18....forgot I traded rims...4”lift....with a head wind of 15 my egt’s were 1050 to 1150 @78mph....engine load was 28% to 35%.....when I first started this a couple months ago my egt’s were around 700 to 800.....the only thing that’s changed is I messed with the wastegate cause I was only getting 23lbs on a hx40 with a 4”exhaust....so now I’m getting 30lbs after adjusting...either I got a boost leak which is what I’m thinking or maybe I should set the wastegate back....I go a super b special in the garage I’m gonna put on this weekend when my 5”to 4” vband gets here and see what happens... iQuad-2019-05-24-03.22.18.csv My data log bruh....hey thanks for the help too, not only with this but all that quadzilla download stuff as well...
  13. My max engine load was 91%....not sure at 80mph but my max speed was 86mph...not sure on my tires, know my rims are 20x9....3.55 rear....I just hooked up my egt for the quad couse my autometer quake quit and this was the cheapest option....the probe is in the bottom of the manifold...don’t know if that matters or not... Older tunning...have the 11 settings and did the custom tune download so I can do v2 but I’m just running on level 3...I bought the truck wrecked from a shop so I never talked to the previous owner...just know that they were 150 over injectors and it had compounds at one time....has a fass lift pump and a 4” exhuast....that’s about all I know...I’m getting 30psi on the turbo and this thing runs great just to high egts for me...
  14. 01 2500 auto with a hx40....150 over injectors....adrenaline on level 3....3 piece bd manifold....running 80 on the interstate I’m getting 1000 with a little wind but not even towing anything...seems a little high?
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