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  1. Didn’t work but I did get it home...as long as I don’t use the brakes it’s good to go so it’s going the shop I just don’t have time to mess to much with it...unless someone has a better idea?
  2. I’ll give that a try thanks...trucks a few miles from home so when I get a ride I’ll try that
  3. My 01 just dies when I put it in gear...starts in park fine and idles great in park and neutral but as soon as I put it in any gear it dies...any ideas? Torque converter? Maybe a sensor?
  4. It was never installed so I’m not sure....guy bought it and changed his mind but he said he never even opened the box so maybe not then....thanks for the info I’ll make sure I look at it first...
  5. So if I were to put one on a 01 I would just have to plug them?
  6. Anyone tell me what these two ports are for on a Aurora 3000?
  7. Will do.....got a list for a few things....thanks
  8. Pdc and it just says fuel system...it’s a bigger type fuse
  9. I don’t think an 01 has it,,..think that’s controlled through the computer but there might be a relay just haven’t had a lot of time to work on it yet
  10. I will give that a try but for now I just pull the fuse for the fuel system then disconnect the batteries
  11. I think it’s one of my new injectors....found a couple washers on one of the old ones so I’m thinking I missed one... However though my battery keeps draining if I don’t disconnect it after I pull the fuel system fuse and key....so it can’t be an injector can it?
  12. It’s shut off The turbo timer is shut off..not the truck
  13. 01 Cummins won’t shut off....replaced ignition and still won’t shut off...any ideas?
  14. Will do in the morning...thanks for the tip
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