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Cummins Article Reviews posted by JAG1

  1. Thank you. I did it to my 12 valve mechanical lift pumped truck. Had to buy a small electric pump and got most of it out. I did it at the Taco Bell next door since the service station threatened to have the truck towed even if I push the truck to the back lot. What nice folks, right?!. It was uphill to the Taco Bell but some body builder guys helped me out. Later I found out that the Station got a kick back from the towing company if you got towed. The service station guys did not like those two body builders that got out to help. I never went back to that place ever.

  2. Very good write up. A tremendous amount of work went into this article. I appreciate also the work Daniel did on my truck while accomplishing this Mod. It's nice when hauling heavy on mountain curves to be able to stay locked up and not need the brakes much. It affords a time too, reminiscent of my younger days running my old first gen I drove for many years and loved the feel driving a real truck with its 5 speed transmission.


           One must consider also that if your getting a bit older when coming to a stop. even though I'm getting used to Daniels beautiful two switch system, I use it with caution because having a green lite does not always remind you that your locked up. Esp. when the system is first installed its easy to forget.

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