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  1. i'm checking pressure with a mechanical gauge through a tapped banjo bolt on the vp44 inletkerry
  2. Anybody Running A Fass 95 If So What Kind Of Oressure At Idle And At WotI Installed Mine Yesterday And It Idles At 15.5-16.5 And Wot Drops To 7 Or 8 At Wot With Box On 2x5 I Thought It Should Do Better Than That My Ddrp Done That Good KERRY
  3. if i need to i will upgrade later.with my ddrp i already have 1/2 inch line i upgraded to. fuel flow and return line. that helped my pressure a lot
  4. i have a brand new vp44 and my fuel pressure idles on 17 around 14 running down the road and 10 at wot.i will keep the comp on around 2 or 3 i work out of my truck and rarely hot rod it. my mods are mainly just for mpg gains.but the added bonus is the power is there if i want it
  5. i was wondering what kind of power my truck would make with the setup i have plus ddp 75 injectors i have a 99 dodge 2500 5-spd with a comp box and cold air intake and the 75 ddp injectors will be in thursday. i would go bigger with the injectors but i mainly want them for the fuel mileage increase anybody have an idea
  6. i also started the 2 cycle mix 1gal to 1 ounce 2 weeks ago and am seeing a big diffrence
  7. i have a dipcol optix fuel pressure gauge and it is 17-18 at idle and around 8-9 at wot so my fuel pressure is fine and that is with my comp box on. i am running a fass ddrp lift pump
  8. i have 2 codes on my truck when i run a scanner i can reset them and they come right back on they arep0230 transfer pump circuit out of rangep1693 mil fault in companion modulei have a 99 dodge 2500kerry
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