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  1. Unless I missed it I couldn’t find a number for rock auto just endless web forms. I submitted a return for the smooth body one. Not sure if it was boxed incorrectly or what. I did send that picture to their Facebook page and got an email address to contact them.
  2. Ooohhh gotcha! I assumed the power levels were just for the base canned tune and not on custom tunes. She runs like a top now that I turned it up! Thanks for putting up with my slowness
  3. It’s time to put ball joints in the dodge so I’ve been gathering parts. Sounds like many folks recommend the AC DELCO pros. I ordered 3 off amazon and One off rock auto since amazon didn’t have all 4 I needed. Here’s what showed up first. Amazon has the dull knurled, rock auto was smooth polished one. So I returned the 3 amazon ball joints and ordered the rest from rock auto. And the ones that showed up today look just like the amazon ones. I don’t even know which one’s to put in since the body length and tapers are completely different from one set to the next with same part number. There’s been a mix of USA and Taiwan made parts I stopped into Napa and their house brand which looks like a rebranded ac delco is same as the knurled one’s. I didn’t want to step up to knurled but I’m under the gun so guess that’s what’s going in. Just a forewarning for anyone looking at ACD ball joints
  4. Sorry if this is a stupid question but are there multiple levels on a custom tune?
  5. Not sure what my next step of diagnosis should be if it works when the quads not part of the equation?
  6. Not sure if this helps or not but I tried leaving the quad all hooked up except the map sensor plugged in factory style and it acted the same with no boost or throttle
  7. No sir, no codes factory or with quad, and I’ve cycled through about 4-5 of the ones from the repository and all act the same. Haven’t tried the canned tunes on the quad yet
  8. Pulled the quad off and plugged factory in and it runs perfectly fine
  9. Ok best I could get out of the map sensor was mid 14s. Where should I start diagnosing if it worked fine before the quad?
  10. What would cause a dead pedal feeling? I’ve got balls to the walls loaded and seems like after quarter throttle nothing changes. My apps is showing full 100% position when I floor it though There’s a definitive drop off where the rpm rate it increasing and then drops off and it plots along Also getting a max of 3psi, checked all connections and looks like I don’t have any leaks and I should hear one that big?
  11. Big night last night for Big Brown. She got a quadzilla with stealth cover, tranny flush with amsoil, replaced my leaky cracked oem wheels with a set of 17” 4th gen wheels that came with good used hankcooks for $150! I did hit a couple snags though. Anyone ever seen where a BD boost elbow is too large diameter and won’t thread into the turbo? Also for most of Me78569 how much fueling should I add for 3500 ft? I took the truck for a spin at 1am and didn’t have quite the punch I was expecting from a few of the tunes. PS ignore the mess, I just moved in and still organizing things and doing some renovations
  12. is there anything that needs to be changed for HO Trucks before loading?
  13. 16 at idle and it’ll get to 18 or so revving to over 2500. Edge got back to me and I formatted the sensor wrong so it’s reading all the values in half so we should be safe enough go button it up and go for a drive and work out any remaining air in the lines
  14. Put a cheap pressure gauge on the system and I’m getting 16-18 idling and reving in the garage so I guess I’ve got to have a chat with edge
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