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  1. Sweet thanks! I plowed through that one and a couple more. I tried one of your formulas and another one of (a/6.89747)-25.something. Both hooked up and read zero at idle but would max at 2psi
  2. Gotcha! ill have to keep digging, seems like most the links to pdf and such in previous posts are dead now.
  3. now how do you change calculations within the app? Also I'm gathering the parts to do a BHAF install. Coming from powerstrokes its pretty standard to use a piece of 4" pipe as a coupler and then guys install the filter minder in the that section of pipe. I see on dodges most guys drill a hole in the end of the filter. Would one route be safer than the other or just 2 ways to skin the same cat?
  4. How far off is it typically? Couple psi or like 5-10?
  5. oh gotcha so im guessing an edge insight wouldnt be much use either since its an obd reader?
  6. Maybe Im being stubborn but id like to avoid putting in analog pillar gauges. I much prefer the clean look of having everything on one small screen.Do the quadzilla or edge insight/ juice guages read correctly?
  7. Darn ok, I was hoping to see some base health readings before throwing more power at the old girl
  8. Ok is there an app that works for gauges? I tried torque pro and it doesn't read boost or coolant temp
  9. Thanks! Shes going to be a fun winter project to fix up and get ready for camper pulling next year. Even stock I'll say I'm way impressed with the torque and cold weather starts of this girl compared to my 7.3 and 6.0 fords I've had in the past.
  10. Vehicle: 01 Cummins Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2019-11-04 01 Cummins
  11. How do these work with the grab handle in the back of the seat? *whoops never-mind didn’t see them in the edge of one of the photos
  12. Hey there I just hooked up an OBDLink to my 24v and noticed some strange boost readings. At idle I’m getting 12.4 and at full throttle about 22.4. Is this the app not reading boost correctly or should I be checking my map and wastegate? It’s an 01 HO
  13. Oh ok so not terribly bigger than my iPhone. As long as its got a semi low profile border frame
  14. Where is it planning to be mounted or is it still small enough to fit in the corner of the dash like most displays?
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