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  1. I ended up Blocking the line off just to end the problem all together.. but to update this situation.. I replaced the rear main and really didn’t drive it for a month.. maybe month and a half. I let it sit with around a quarter tank.. ever since I filled it up the problem has disappeared. Not sure if bad fuel or what but it’s gone. I’m definetly gonna run it lower on gauge again and see if the problem reappears
  2. Well all Of a sudden my old supply line for the stock lift pump has start to push fuel through it.. been disconnected for years and now it leaks like crazy.. air in the fuel maybe I’m thinking
  3. That’s what I meant by had them hook up to the obd at parts store. I used their scanner and still nothing.. idle timing says 13* on i quad and at 35% throttle through third gear I run from 15-21 depending on rpm in given gear
  4. Positive.. click my key 3 times and I get no p1963 or any other code. Even had it hooked up to obd at the parts store and nothing was pulled there either.. maybe thinking a valve seal could be my next guess but I’ll look at the keyway
  5. Having a new issue.. idling truck runs great very slight haze but nothing new.. take off down the road under low throttle it does great.. than between 20-50%ish throttle I begin to have white smoke pouring out.. under full throttle it’ll clear up to black.. I’m throwing no codes, turbo is rather new and have inspected behind filter and down pipe with no signs of oil.. injectors freshly pop tested, compression test recently has been done. Could injection pump be failing with no codes being thrown? Any other ideas?
  6. A cracked head in that locaton wouldn’t show up on a leak down test either would it?
  7. No I never ran the oil for long been worried.. I’ve changed the oil 3 times now.. this last change of oil def turned green but oil level didn’t seem to rise which I found weird but I have the ever so slight rear main leak that came when all this started happening..
  8. Mopar I never really asked tbh.. dfi is so highly rated I figured he knew what he was doing.. and my 7x.010s are dap that ran great for 20k miles or so until I pulled them for bigger.
  9. well one set was brand new from dfi several months prior.. the other set had been pulled ran great stored with injector tip caps and in an extremely clean place. Part of me wants to think my vp44 seal is the issue and maybe no sealing perfect when i installed it..Would it be completely awful to pull the pump and push 16psi air through the fuel supply line and see if its coming out the front? or would that cause me bigger issues? Gonna hit a compression test while im here and just make sure all holes are good while im this far
  10. yes.. Even went as far as going to a back up set of crossover tubes
  11. Got a 2001 dodge ram 2500 getting fuel in the oil. Have tried 2 different sets of injectors 7x.010 and 6x.013, put new seals on them both times i used them.(yes i did watch them with valve cover off and could not see anything leaking out the top) I have switched the front seal on the vp44 and its still getting fuel in there. Performed a leak down test at 75 psi and dont have a single cylinder over 20% leak down. Im stumped on what the problem could be at this point. Anyone have an advice on what to look for or try next?
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