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  1. This may be a dumb question but will floating the tranny and not using clutch cause damage. I use clutch in first and reverse and downshifting. I never grind them but its not a eaton-fuller either. I have a south bend double disk clutch and get tired of doing leg lifts while driving. any info would be great. Thanks
  2. I would have commented sooner but my computer died. Apps was bad. I got a timbo apps and install was quick and easy. No more problems and it seems to be running much better. Thanks for all the info guys!
  3. Hello all. I have a dumb question for everyone. I added 2 stroke to my fuel with powerservice also. On way home i started getting 0121 code. Drove truck a couple of days later and got dead petal 5 times on way home. Tried to shut off engine twice and just kept on running. I havent had any apps codes since i got edge installed and smaller injectors. My question is will both those additives togther affect vp44 and cause 0121 code? It just seems weird it started as soon as i added them. I have a scheid hot rod vp44 and i think they have tighter tolerences. Any info would help. Im hoping i dont have to shell 400.00 for apps sensor! thanks
  4. does anyone have a grid heater and the harness off of it? Mine was burnt up when i bought it. thanks
  5. MY 2001 temp runs between 195 and 205 degrees. I changed thermostat, took radiator out flushed it and cleaned it and degreased it. Thought it might be running warm cause of blowbye blowing on radiator. Radiator schrouds were in good shape so im open to any suggestions. Thanks
  6. Hello all. Have a few questions about egt temps. my truck really wants to stay 1100 to 1300 degrees when i get into throttle. Ive got a schneid hot rod vp44, 125 injectors, fass, a bigger turbo, im not sure how much bigger but it is not stock and 4 inch exhaust with no cat or muffler. Previous owner had programer on it but kept it. Thinking of getting edge programer hopeing it will help with rough idle. My friend who is mechanic says rough idle with hot pump is normal but im more concerend bout egts. Im not much into hot rodding truck but i got good deal and had alot of extras. Will going to smaller injectors effect larger turbo much? I dont want to spend a bunch on intercooler or cooling mist. Thinking bout 75 injectors and hopefully programmer will help. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I have founf out its a lot harder going backwards trying to figure out what mods someone did than starting fresh. Guess thats what i get for not takin my wife to buy truck! LOL! thanks
  7. Hello all. decided to go ahead and post before i get kicked off. I have 2001 5 speed. just bought truck and already had a few mods. previous owner said it had a south bend clutch. My question is, when i push clutch in i get a loud rattle. I'm pretty sure its goin out but would like to know b 4 i buy a new clutch. My buddy said his rattles when his lets out. He has same model year and south bend. It will grid/engage when try to put into reverse also. Clutch holds pretty good under load, slips a little when get the boost up high. Any input would be helpful. Thanks
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