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  1. I appreciate the info who has had luck with a hot rod vp44 it says 100 hp gain with supporting mods, I’m either going that route or 300 horsepower injectors on stock vp44 I have 150 hp injectors right now and what just a little more, what would I be happier with?
  2. @JAG1 your talking about the banjo bolt that’s spring loaded with a little ball bearing correct, yea I already changed that, didn’t fix. I’m almost certain it’s the injection.
  3. Would it be possible for @Mopar1973Man or @Me78569 cell number I have a few tech questions
  4. Yea, who has changed there own I know my brother had his ve pump done by a shop he said it was easier to go that route did you change your own?
  5. I’m pretty sure it’s the vp, can I just wait for it to fail or will it wipe anything else out
  6. My truck all the sudden takes a good 3-5 seconds to crank over, as well as the fass fuel system pumps for a good 20 seconds once the key is turned, is that a good sign if the vp44 going out?
  7. It can be a pain i when I need to use my phone and have to keep discounting from the WiFi Because my phone won’t load when it’s connecting to the quad
  8. Okay so mine is a cts2 monitor and from what I understand it needs the juice connection to pick up readings. How could I make this tuner work for monitor readings and no performance?
  9. One more question I have a edge insite monitor can I run that on the obd port or would that damage anything ?
  10. @Me78569 can canbus be it ? How is your extreme big injector race tune, good start point? @Me78569
  11. How do I post the tune ? This is NOT mopar mans tune I bought this from the site and modified it. No need for crap if there way off haha
  12. It’s has a borg sxe363/68/14wg 150hp Vco injectors with the quad obviously, I have all supporting mods and am trying to make a fun race tune, cannot get the lag out off the bottom, could my vco injectors be a issue with fueling being so late.
  13. Does anyone have any advice on tunning my vp44, I can not get the lag out of anything I try I do have big injectors, but a pretty well matched turbo, anything I try the power is coming in way to late. Thanks
  14. I was talking to moparman1973, I’m having an issue with uploading tunes onto my quadzilla v2 on a 99 vp44 truck, it keeps saying the tunes are failing when I try to do an upload, he told me there having problems with the iquad like mine and something about @Me78569 having instructions on how to fix this problem, any info or link to those instructions? @Me78569
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