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  1. After cleaning all grounds and going through the whole harness I finally found my problem. I feel stupid but I bumped a connector on the harness when installing my starter tightening the top bolt from through the engine compartment, it was the connector that connects the harness to the harness going through the fire wall. It looked connected but it has a slide lock clip that pulls it together the connectors together tight making the contacts touch. I learned my lesson not to jump to worst a case scenario and buy an ecm but atleast I have a spare now. I also had the spare installed when I fixed it from a truck that had a crankshaft sensor, which mine does not as a 2001 and when i started it up it ran kind of crappy at first then it was fine but the check engine light came on because it was looking for a CS Sensor, I then put my original ECM in and the check engine light went away and she is running good now Thank God! Thanks for all your guys Help!
  2. Could a bad Grid heater, Cam Sensor, Alternator, or PCM cause that to happen or only ECM? Maybe its a bad ground I need to check power and grounds on the harness this weekend.
  3. I bought the truck 3 years ago and never noticed the WTS light didnt work but it still started and worked fine. I rebuilt the top end last summer and after that the WTS light started working normally. About a month ago I realized the starter was going bad because it would just click but if I tried it once or twice again it would start, a few weeks later I was planning on going on a camping trip so I swapped the starter for a new one, I disconnected the batteries when doing so but at the end I tightened the top bolt last and then hooked up the batteries, I recall hooking up the batteries then making sure the bottom bolts were tight and arking the wrench on the positive terminal. I went and tried starting it after it its all crank no start, it has new batteries, the lift pump doesnt turn on like it used to when the key was in the on position, but I ran a positive and negative cable from battery straight to lift pump and it runs, I checked all fuses and relays by switching them out and they are all good, I checked the connections to ECM and PCM and the connectors are seated good, The wait to start light does not come on at all anymore even if I wait, I swapped out the ECM for another ECM that the guy said came out of a working truck and still same issue. Could a bad PCM cause this? I dont want to spend another $500 on a PCM if its not the issue. Also all gauges and lights seem to work other than the tack doesnt move when cranking but if I hook up ODB2 reader it will show it cranking on the tack on the app on my phone, I try to run codes even though there is no check engine light and it doesnt bring up any codes as well. If the issue was a bad ground for ecm would I even be able to connect to it with my ODB2 reader? Not sure what eles to do this is driving me nuts. Please HELP! Truck is a 2001 Dodge 2500 4x4 5.9 Cummins Manual Tranny
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