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  1. the power fluid is in great shape.i change it out every year before i go hunting.im thinkg the pump might be getting worn out and the cold just amplifies what might be coming.is there a way to check the pump?
  2. OK so I'm up in the hills hunting and the high of the day is usually 8*f ..so as I'm driving down the hill and i take a hard left on a switch back.when its time to go straight it doesn't center back up??????i have to stop the truck and turn excessively right then everything is normal.i cant figure out if it is my steering box or has something to do with my four wheel drive.it only happens when I'm in 4 wheels and really cold.any ideas?
  3. sorry for not getting back till now..my tranny guy says when you throw it in nuetral it allows the pumps inside to activate.which in trade makes the fluid inside start to move due to the valves having to open up..in park nothing in the tranny moves(valves, plates ,fluid...ect).if you have a tranny temp gauge(like i do)you can see the difference between warming up in park and in neutral.give it a try and you will see.
  4. my tranny guy told me once that you need to warm up your tranny just like its good to warm up your motor.when warming up your motor push in that emergency brake and throw the tranny in neutral.that will warm up the tranny so the temp will be close before you hammer it to get into traffic. :thumbsup
  5. this conversation might help...good luck http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/98-5- ... hread.html
  6. at 30 mph something weird happens my tranny slips into what i would call not all the way in gear but when i step on it it operates like it should i went to the shop that put my new tranny in and they did the pressure checks and every thing is great.he said that the throttle sensor associated with the shifting speeds might need to be reformatted(not exactly what he said but close).anybody had this done?
  7. can anyone tell me where i can find a pillar gauge with the tweeter hole for a 01.i find a lot of them but none for the correct year or i find the correct year but it has no hole.any help would be appreciated.
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