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  1. @Mopar1973ManI’d like to hear your idea also if ya don’t mind ??
  2. Thanks for the info. I’m looking into the Timber. Heard nothing but great things about them
  3. What’s up guys? I recently had some issues with my truck which caused me to pull codes on it. When I did that I read the “diagnosis” on 2 different handheld OBDII scanner. Both of them were showing around 13% on the apps or tps. I have tried to mess with it to recalibrate it before but when I do mess with it, it throws a code and the CEL comes on. I have noticed that I have to pushed the peddle further than I should to get the truck to accelerate. It is an aftermarket APPS that is on the truck. Back when I bought the truck I assumed it would solve my ground/ lock/unlock issue. Then I realize t
  4. So I looked at the ground ring terminal for the FASS and it was chewed up pretty bad. I clipped it and replaced it, cleared the code with my cheap scanner and turned ignition on and off a handful of times and fired it up. Seems to be ok for now. This morning the CEL was on but it fired right up and allowed me to drive to a local auto parts store that had a really scanner. I shut the truck off, they scanned it, told me the code and it fired back up allowing me to drive home. Maybe a total of 5 miles with no issues. I’m going to let it sit for a little and see what it does later today. Hoping th
  5. So it’s throwing a 1689 code. I am in the process of doing some research on where to go from here...
  6. I’m pretty sure when I turn the ignition on every light comes on for a brief second then goes off. I’m going to try and take it to a local auto parts store and see if they can tell me exactly what code it’s throwing. Hopefully a local auto parts store will be able to help me figure out exactly what code it’s throwing. I appreciate the response.
  7. What’s up guys? I’m at a loss and like most people, I need to try and get this figured out ASAP. Trucks a 2000 auto. About a month ago went to fire the truck up and check engine light was on and would just crank. Wouldn’t start, just crank. Felt like it was cranking as it (batteries didn’t seem low). I posted something on a different websites and was told to check the batteries and charge them. I did that and truck fired up and check engine light went off. Flew home today for work and went to start my truck at the airport and the same thing happened. Well I purchased a cheap $30 scanner to kee
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