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  1. I'm ordering a new ecm from flagship one in New York and I'll be doing the W-T mod
  2. So after a bunch of research I have found it to be a bad ecm caused by ac noise
  3. Are you thinking it might be in the pcm? I was also wondering if I can put a manual ecm in it I'm doing a manual swap
  4. I'll try that. I have also heard about ac noise causing ecm problems and I was wondering if that might be my problem.
  5. It stays running and runs fine. And I don't usually have problems with it for a few days
  6. It cranks but won't start. I'm unplugging the three buss bus connections from the pcm and then unplugging the grounds at the batteries on the passenger side. I do all of this with the key on and it will usually start
  7. My 1999 ram 2500 has a hard start, no start condition I have to unplug the pcm and ground wires to battery with the key on to get it to start and sometimes it goes to wto at start u. Any help would be appreciated
  8. My truck has a hard start ,no start condition. I have leave the key on and unplug the pcm and grounds form the battery to get it to start and sometimes it goes to wot and has no throttle control. Any help would be appreciated
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