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  1. So... the general consensus is I am good to got on installing the nations 180a this weekend without messing anything up, and to further help with the ac ripple, do the w/t mod and pcm protection mod. also what are yalls recommendations on batteries? I have optima red tops now and am not a big fan of them.
  2. The 140a fuse wont be used because the breaker will replace it?
  3. Got it! My next question is am I ok to install this alternator now without doing these right away? I plan on doing this eventually once I build up the courage to start splitting wire looms apart lol The charge lead is too small? Like the gauge of the wire? If so what size is it currently and what do I need? PDC fuse is too small? What is it currently and what do I need? What is the circuit breaker for? ( Obv it breaks the circuit, but why is it needed in this case?) thanks!
  4. Ok thanks, Forgive my ignorance here.... I understand that the W-T ground mod is too help reduce AC ripple; And the PCM protection fuse is for proctecting the PCM incase of a rare short correct? So why are these required for the Nations 180A? Not trying to argue, just trying to understand. Nations told me it was a drop in and plug and play...
  5. Hey guys, quick question. I ordered a Nations 180A alternator for my 02 cummins. Is it a drop in/plug and play? Does anything need to be changed with it? I have the bosch 136A currently and am trying to reduce AC ripple.
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