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  1. I had issues with my front brakes also awhile back I bought 2 rotors 2 calipers and 2new hoses from Napa haven't had a problem since I tried doing this and that to fix it and a great mech told me just change it all your stopping 6700 plus pounds of steel I think I got almost 30 k on these pads now I'll be checking them soon
  2. 1999. I believe it's a 47re I want to drop and change oil and filter put a pan wth drain plug I've put 50 k on this truck no issues as far as trans. I don't tow much boat once or 4 times a year 😗 I don't beat on it what else should I be looking at in there I'm gonna do this in driveway don't want to drop the whole trans just looking to prolong its life has never given me any problems also thoughts on the fluid debate and power flush debate thanks Tom
  3. Ok I'm keep my rig it runs great never let me down nephews gonna do body work than wrap the whole truck when done I'm gonna start taking pictures of before during and after I'm gonna start ordering parts so any vendors out there the rear seems simple enough I don't tow all that much some new ranchos and stabilizer bar also upgrade the rear brakes maybe different wheel cyls I read about that somewhere and in front ball joints and hubs seem ok I'll check again when up on the stands I have 2 in leveling kit so I'm gonna get adjustable track bar and stabilizer bar with adj end links my goal is to get this all done before my nephew steals the truck than tires last thanks. Tom
  4. I want to drain tranny and fluid any suggestions while I'm in there would you do a power flush what type of fluid etc
  5. I going to order sway bar end links I have a 2 in leveling kit do I need the adjustable away bar and end links I'm also going to change the track bar any suggestions on where to purchase these parts thanks
  6. Looking to change sway bar or just the end links any recommendations on the 1999 I heard it's not that bad of a suspension I have the steering brace new shocks ball joints seem tight just at high speeds and tight lanes i gets a little white knuckles
  7. All good now one boot was loose tightened it up 30 lbs no problem now I can concentrate on other stuff 😀 thanks for all the input 👍
  8. Thanks Mike I mAde one today couldn't get higher than 6 lbs was going to buddy's house to use his big comp I just had a little 12v tire pump I thought It should've been enough anyhow I turned in on the adjustable boost elbow and threw the bhaf back on i had to wait awhile till he got home so I soaked everything up with soapy water and fired her up first coupling right under turbo blowing big bubbles soak all the clamps up wd 40 and it got dark the hunt continues tomorrow
  9. I'm having a hard time finding the article on how to check for leaks in the system I'm going to attempt to make something out of pvc or rubber and pump about 20 lbs into turbo than some soap and water in a spray bottle?
  10. Seems my boost is low 10 maybe when I hit it I have edge comp set on 3x3 lot of smoke maybe leaking or glowshift hooked up wrong or plastic hose cracked hooked it up awhile ago but with my setup I should hit 30 lb quick I think or gauge is NG any ideas where to start
  11. I'm going to wait for the air filter than get the temps thanks
  12. Well like I said was gonna sell the truck than thought about it and decided to keep it I'm thinking the air cleaner was on just a bit longer than it should have when the new one gets here I'll see how it works as far as smoke I've been playing with the comp settings but I'm thinking the amsoil filter is done tried blowing it out but it's starting to collapse when I hit the throttle a good friend said maybe a little bigger sticks might get the egts down just looking for some advice from you guys thanks
  13. PS I was going to sell this truck but I just can't do it so my nephews gonna do the body work and shoot it with some new paint and my buddy owns a tranny shop he's looking around at options I'd love to put a stick in it
  14. 1999 dodge 4x4 ext cab auto fass 95 titanium draw straw in tank gauges thanks mopar man as this was the first suggestion from you 4inch mbpr Bhaf rv 275s cooper 265-75-16 hbs steering stabilizer 2 inch lift in front edge comp box seem to be dropping mpgs smoking a little more and egts getting a little higher just ordered a new Donaldson Bhaf had a amsoil on there but the outer wear got real dirty I think I'm gonna try running that crank tube down lower as everything is getting oily up top 170 k on the mileage everybody's telling me to go with a bigger injector and maybe a newer turbo any advice thanks Tom
  15. thanks for the replys guys no its just a daily driver thinking about unlocking the comp box and maybe a new exhaust manifold and intake with a new elbow
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