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  1. Mine reads 16 psi all the time with it unplugged
  2. Sorry what I meant was just disconnected the plug from the sensor,but the comp is still hooked up
  3. I unplugged the map sensor today with the edge turned on and it ran really good but I’m not sure if long term it’s good to run it unplugged.Is it the quadrzilla that you guys are liking now days better than the edge ?
  4. I should’ve written the codes down but I’m pretty sure it was the po234 ,along with po341 and water in fuel light,but the new map sensor fixed everything,and as long as I leave the edge off it runs great . i should say the boost was only like 25 psi each time when they blew out,and I can run it up that high with edge off and have no issues
  5. No they are not genuine Cummins sensors,I knew that was going to come up..might be what’s wrong but like I said it ran perfect before with the same sensor,I have a genuine Cummins sensor now but I’m afraid to Put it in and test it and ruin it they are not cheap lol
  6. Twice now only with the edge comp on getting on it a little goes in to limp mode scanguage says it’s boost sensor code,replace sensor runs fine with the edge turned off or even with it on it runs good until I get on it,then blows the sensor again, weird. side note I had a 53 block that cracked so I replaced it with a new one,that old engine ran really good with the same edge chip same ecm, wire harness,vp44,sensors swapped over to the new engine,so I didn’t want to blame the chip right off the bat since it worked so well before,any ideas? Thanks
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