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  1. I was also told that the oil pressure reading from the ECM is 0 but on the gauge cluster in the truck its normal could that be the cause? I noticed the wiring diagram for the truck its connected to the MAP Sensor and the 5v Supply?
  2. So I cleaned all my grounds and still the check engine persists I also started with the p1488 and the first step I read 5 volts then to replace map sensor but I know the sensor is good because it is brand new so I stumped.
  3. I have a 2001 Dodge ram Cummins 24v AT with a check engine light codes : P1693, P0236, P0112, P1488. I brought it to a mechanic and he told me 3.7 volts are coming out of the ECM. I just want to make sure that maybe a short or something else before I invest in a new ECM. I also have a smarty tuner tuned to level 5.
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