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  1. LOL yes I know what ya mean. Let us know if ya ever get round to it. take care Any ideas On what I am up against???
  2. So. Reconnected the ECM and the MAP sensor. i followed your step 1 and I had continuity to the battery ground from the MAP sensor ground. I then followed your step 2. Inserted two pins in the MAP sensor plug. One pin on the Sensor signal wire and the other on the sensor ground circuit. started the truck and had .972 DC volts. Reved the truck to 1500 RPM and watched the voltage meter go up to 1.207 ish volts. Cleared the Codes and road tested and it still set the 237 and the 112 code. Still in limp mode. No power Ect PS I put some dielectric grease on the ECM
  3. So step # 2 check sensor signal under RPM and load. yours stayed at 2 volts. Does this 2 volts mean all is good with the sensor.(where it should be) I will be doing this in the morning. If both these checks are good ; Is the ECM fubared??? I will let you know what I find
  4. I did do the continuity on the ground and the signal wire. Both circuits showed me continuity . .004 and .007. Also I have the 5 volts to the sensor. On step 3 when I read the signal voltage with the engine off and The key on ,I got .02 volts. Step 4 says do turbo charger test. i don’t know how to do this. but I do know what it sounds like if I have a boot off. i also checked the impeller on the turbo. No mechanical looseness and spins freely. what do you think before I bring it to someone and it costs me a pile of cash??? Is the signal generated by the se
  5. Hey guys I finally started probing tonight and I have some questions. In the MAP testing procedure, step# 6. I turned off key and disconnected ECM wiring harness. Should I test pin 2 grey/red with the ignition on or off??? i tested with it off and got OL no ohms. The Same thing With step# 7. i tested with the Ignition off. tested between pin 2 & 3. again I got OL on my meter. So if this is right I have to repair the shorts in my wiring???? Is it easier to run new wiring for the ground and signal wire to the ECM???? OR to go searching f
  6. Thanks everyone for the excellent suggestions. When I check the 5volt wire(orange) I believe, put the meter on DC voltage; the meter positive (Red) goes to the Orange wire and the meter Negetive (black) goes to the battery ground???? Would this be correct? How do I check the ground circuit ? Put the meter on ohms setting? Red meter probe on the ground wire at the plug? Black meter probe on the battery negitive? I am not sure how to do this? Could you confirm my ideas if they are correct or let me know what I am doing wrong. thanks for any input
  7. So I received all my new sensors and installed them. The IAT and the MAP from Friday parts. The map sensor DID NEED the wiring adaptor. So this did nothing for the limp mode and the truck is still throwing the 237 and 112 codes. i did buy a scan tool but I am no electronic wizard. Do you have any advise??? Maybe a step by step approach to identify the problem that is causing the codes. I can let you know what I think 1-check all grounds, remove clean and tighten 2-remove ECM plug and check for moisture ,corrosion or contamination. 3- Check all other plug
  8. Could I pick your brain? i was wondering if I am hurting the Cummins driving it with a bad MAP and IAT sensor??? the parts are on order but the wife needs something to drive around town. It doesn’t have much power but it runs good
  9. I looks like that new MAP sensor will need that adaptor cord. see photos. just waiting on parts now. I will update you once all the new stuff is in.
  10. From the photo this map has more square pins in it. where mine now has more spade shaped pins also this map has that funky shape around the pins a point on each side of the pins. mine has an oval shape. ???? IDK that’s the way it looks to me. I am going to pull the plug off the MAP in the truck and double check you know this has the Cummins # stamped on the side of it i will let you know what i find
  11. Friday parts . Com p/n-4921505 that’s their and Cummins P/N and the dealer / Chrysler sells the adaptor for around 75$ Check it out and let me know what you think. I just goes to show you how much people mark things up
  12. Yes I tried this last night. the sensor was spotless. I did find the map sensor online for 15$ US. so I ordered 2. With shipping 53 US$ about 70 Canadian. I may have to buy the adaptor cable??? thats about 80$ So all said and done about half price as what I would pay at Cummins. OR 1/4 the price of the dealership. thanks for your help i will let you know when I have the new parts are installed and how it worked with the issues I’m having now
  13. Yes it was as you said. went around the block and no change in the pressure reading. 101 kpa. that makes me feel better. the readings are there just not moving. the new map should fix that. knock on wood LOL
  14. Yes I am aware that’s what you mean. my buddy said we can try that this afternoon. thanks again for all your help. i will update you on our progress
  15. No the scanner doesn’t read the code when driving
  16. Yes I think I am up for a new map sensor. owe just cleared the codes and ran the truck. only 2 codes this time. 0112 and 0237. Would I need to replace both sensors to get the truck out of limp mode. OR could I get away with holding off on the IAT for a little while?? short on cash right now Thanks so much for all your help
  17. Should I be able to move the waste gate by hand?? i got on the ground and reached up from the bottom and with a 13/16 wrench on the waste gate and tried to move it. it wouldn’t budge. could the waste gate be stuck open. The truck wouldn’t build boost then would it??? could that give me the 0237 code??? i am just a novice what do you think?
  18. Thanks man this means a lot to me. i have a lot of checking to do. i will be in touch when I figure this out or need some more help. much appreciated
  19. Thanks for your feedback i did clear the codes but come to think of it not after replacing the vp 44. My code reader doesn’t work on my truck. i had a buddy help me out before. But with this Covid-19 I feel bad asking him to help out again. Any advice on a cheap code reader/clearer that I can order from eBay or Amazon??
  20. Clyde

    IAT Sensor Cleaning

    Where is it located how do you remove
  21. Just put in a new fass lift pump and vp44. have no power. Wont rev above 2250 RPM in overdrive will rev to 3000 RPM with out overdrive. really slow to get up to speed . Not a lot of cash left to throw at the old girl. heart broken to see her sittin there
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