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  1. Well, my truck hasn't had defueling issues for a month now, nor has it thrown soft death codes. I'll check my idle pressure and unloaded high rpm pressures when I get a chance. Regardless of which way I go pump wise, this has convinced me I need to invest in gauges and an a pillar mount.
  2. Any suggestions on the sending unit then, or are you using the stock intank pump to prime the system, and then drawing through it? This is the tech I'm interested in, especially since a lot of the factory type pumps will have good emi suppression and a relatively decent lifespan.
  3. That seems a bit overkill for a bone stock truck. As to a vp44 and cp3 having differing specs, so far, what specs I can find for a 2011 lift pump is similar to a Fass drp 2.0 that is currently onboard.
  4. So, basically what the title says. I'm interested in mixing and matching bits from a later gen sending unit, in my 2nd gen's. I'm not running any power mods, and lately my fass drp has had intermittent defueling at highway speed. Continued after changing fuel filters. Truck has 370k+ miles on it, big stock, the most recent 150k have been mostly highway.
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