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  1. Buddy in commercial dept. at AutoZone got me a rotomaster cartridge for a decent price and a 3 year warranty, put it together today and seems to work fine, Good to be rolling again.
  2. I am a new member and already have found when I ask for information it's comes fast and saves me money and time . This is a great site , one of a kind. Mopar Man Thank you , I'm gonna be around as long as I've a Cummins , raise it to what you need to keep it going.
  3. Well I got the hx35 in today , took it apart. Needs a whole cartridge, turbine shaft pitted , rear bearing wore into the bearing housing. Looking for advice on a cartridge , where to get one and brand. I looked at a rotomaster but have not found any reviews, any advice appreciated.
  4. Found a holset hx35 on eBay , says blades are good just has play , I'll put a kit in it, the price made my decision for me , $125.00 + $20.00 shipping.
  5. Gauges are installed , trying to choose a place to purchase a turbo. Looking at the hx35.
  6. 2001 2001 , fass fuel pump, rv275, comp box, bhaf, 5 speed manual.
  7. Any recommendation on where to purchase , looked at eBay and seems to have a lot of knockoffs.
  8. Finished the auto to manual swap , put RV 275 injectors in and a comp box , now it's turbo time. It's a daily driver that will pull a 5th wheel. I have considered a he 351 cw and plumbing it on , Would appreciate any advice on a turbo choice . Thank you and have a great day.
  9. I just received my ecm back from Auto Computer Specialist , I sent it in then saw that some had issues with them, yes I was worried . Sent it in for a manual flash. I can't complain got in back in 5 days counting the Labor day and it works as should . I personally would use them again. Good Luck .
  10. Trying to find torque specs for nv4500 to bell housing and bell housing to adapter plate.
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