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  1. My 1999 2500 engine is surging while driving down the road. I recalibrated the APPS, which seemed to help, but 5 days later it is doing it again. Is the APPS going out or is there something else going on?
  2. Thanks to all that replied to my post. I was able to connect the wire from the cab to the yellow/white wire and Bob's your uncle, it worked. Another issue with surging cropped up while test driving it. Thanks to Mopar1973Man's article and video I was able to reset/calibrate the APPS which cured that issue.
  3. OK, so now i'm confused. should I not connect the wire I have run to the fuse in the cab to the yellow and white wire on the old LP pigtail?
  4. The FASS has an inline fuse and a relay before the wire to the fuse box and FASS fuel pump
  5. Ok, so I don't need to add another relay as seen in your article? Just connect the wire that was run to the fuse in the cab to the yellow/white wire at the old pump pigtail?
  6. I wish FASS had kept the wiring for the OE fuel pump to make things a lot easier. If someone could detail how to wire the FASS to the oe fuel pump pigtail, that would be great. I don't like the idea of a switch, because my wife drives it and she could forget to flip the switch to turn the pump back on. I'm a "dummy" when it comes to wiring myself.
  7. Yes i wired the FP myself. I went by the FASS instructions. wired it to the pump, battery and to the fuse box in the cab. The pump comes on when i turn the key to run. The fuel pressure is around 15psi or so.
  8. This weekend I got it up to normal temp. I tried starting it after about 5 to 10 minutes. it started as normal. I waited for 30 minutes or so, and tried again. Cranking was longer to start. I tried running cool water over the VP for a few minutes, still longer cranking time. I removed the fuse to the FASS fuel pump. It started as normal. I put the fuse back in, longer crank time. I waited for about an hour to try again. Longer crank time if I waited for the Please Wait light to go out. I tried cranking without waiting, it started as normal. How can I rectify the long crank time when ho
  9. It starts fine when cold. They rebuilt the original VP44 pump that came on the truck. It's not a Napa part. Napa VP44 pumps start at $1750 not including core. When I start the FP is around 14psi then build up to around 16. I'll see if I have the issue again this weekend, we will be hitting around 100 degrees here in CA.
  10. Just found out the "Napa" IP was not a Napa pump but a local rebuild. Should I get a new IP?
  11. Last November my original LP and IP failed. Both were replaced at the same time. The LP was a Napa stock replacement. It failed when I got home from a 900 mile trip. I took it to a shop and they diagnosed the LP failed. When I got it back with a new LP and pressure gauge, the LP failed after 2 weeks. I took it back to the same shop, it's under Napa's warranty, they replaced the LP again. Got it back, 2 weeks later the LP failed. Being fed up with the Napa LP dying, I researched online on aftermarket pumps. I settled on the FASS 95gph mounted close to the fuel tank. Got it started and r
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