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  1. I have a 02 Cummins H.O. and I bought new 4 ply silicone intercooler boots that are rated 80psi working and 240psi burst. I ordered new t-bolt spring clamps but the idiot sent me regular t-bolt clamps without the spring. He is sending me replacements but they wont get here till Monday and this weekend is really the only time in the near future I will have to change these. I have a BD turbo elbow, BD boost fooler, BHAF mod, glasspacked 3" exhaust and hypertech. So not really putting too much over stock for psi. Should I just put the regular t-bolt clamps on or wait for the spring clamps? Tha
  2. I just put a hypertech programmer on my 02 Cummins H.O. I put it on level 3 and it runs like a raped ape. I decided that killed economy too much so I went to put it down to level 1 and when I plugged it in it said I had 2 codes, a p0602 and of course p1693. I googled the p0602 which is a fulling calibration error. It still runs great on level 1. The funny thing is my check engine light never came on, just showed the codes with the hypertech. I did some research and found some people say with a hypertech or smarty thats just the nature of the beast because the ecu recognizes off stock full
  3. I understand I won't gain much without any fueling mods but I figured with the boost fooler I would avoid my truck defueling at 21psi. It is quite noticeable when it defuels around 2500rpm. Even if I keep stock fuel levels throughout the powerband I will be happy. Maybe next I will keep my eyes open for some used 50-100hp injectors then get the edge comp when I have an extra $500 laying around. I have a 3 week old baby at home so spending $50-150 at a time is much easier to pass by the boss rather than a $500 hit.
  4. 10-4. So save up and get a edge comp or comparable. So in the meantime would it be worth it to get a boost fooler and put in my bd boost elbow? How much would that gain? I have a buddy I can get a boost fooler from for about $40.
  5. I have a 02 Cummins H.O. 6 speed. I have the BHAF mod, 4'' exhaust, and I have the BD boost elbow ( not installed yet) and I'm looking at getting a tuner. My main concern is which style to go with. I could get a Edge EZ or Quadzilla XZT style that doesn't do anything to the programming of the ecm or I could get a Superchips or Hypertech that only changes the programing of the ecm. The main thing I don't like about the Superchips style is that you can't change tune while driving, but I do like that I can put a boost fooler on it and get a little more power. Which style does anyone recommend
  6. Hello, I have a 02 Ram 2500 with the cummins H.O. 6 speed RWD. I have done the BHAF mod, free flowing 4" exhaust with glasspack, and I just got a superchips max microtuner (got it for a steal). Would my truck be a good candidate for a boost fooler? From what I have seen and researched this would be a good next modification for my truck. Just wondering if this would be safe and effective? I have heard this would gain 10-50 hp depending on mods so I'm huessing mine would be in the 10-15hp range but maybe up to 40-50lbs-tq. Any advice?
  7. I have a 2002 Ram 2500 Rwd 5.9L H.O. 6 speed. I had a small oil leak. It was leaking out of the over flow catch bottle. So, I did the crank case vent mod that I found in the tech articles here. So small oil lear went to a smaller oil leak. I power washed the driver side of the engine to get a better look at where the leak is coming from. It only leaks when its running. There is usually about 3 drops on the ground after you shout it off.It appears that the oil leak is coming from where the vp44 pump and air pump/ power steering pump bolts to the back of the timing plate. I guess my main
  8. Wow that's weird. Both Cummins and the dealership said their $1200 units are rebuilt. I can't find brand new units anywhere.
  9. So it should be fine to assume that my ECM is correct since the truck and the ECM were manufactured in the same month and year? Im hoping that since I give them the VIN that it will be programed correctly regardless. Cummins say they sell the ECM for my truck. I gave them the VIN and he pulled it up. They are blank like the stealership and the same price at $1,200 plus $350 to program. I think I'm going to send my ECM to AES for their R&R service for $580. Has anyone else had them rebuild theirs? They seem like the best that I can find at a reasonable price. Who would you recommend?
  10. I have a 2002 Ram 2500 5.9L C code Cummins with the 6 speed and RWD. I have P0112 and P0237 engine lights. Changed both sensors, problems still there. It has limited power past 1200rpm. I checked all the wiring and every wire Ohms out at 0.0 Pins 7 and 11 Ohm out at 65,000 Ohms and I understand it should be less than 100 Ohms so I'm 99.8% sure the ECM is shot. My query is that my ECM P/N is 3947912 but I called Cummins and gave them my VIN# 3B7KC23CX2M202698 and they said the ECM P/N should be 3947412. The wired thing is the ESN for both ECM's are the same 56853373. Im assuming the ECM
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