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  1. Ok. Mine too. My problem was I thought I was running out of fuel but really my fuel gauge wasn’t working properly. And possibly my draw straw is not all the way at the bottom of the bowl And therefore I’m running out of fuel with 5 gallons in my tank
  2. Ok. I have the raptor draw straw in the bottom of the gutted factory fuel bowl module. And the return fuel goes into that bowl. Maybe should go with a set up like yours. Straight draw straw and the return fuel just dump in from the the top of the tank. Thanks
  3. I’ll check the draw straw height. I noticed your set up does not have a return line and draw straw going into the factory bowl/sending unit.
  4. I’ll check the draw straw height. I noticed your set up does not have a return line and draw straw going into the factory bowl/sending unit.
  5. OK I have an update. I hate to admit this but my sending unit is not working properly. At 1/2 a tank on the gauge I really only have 5 gallons of fuel in my tank. I still should not be running out of fuel with 5 gallons of fuel in the tank but maybe my draw straw is not all the way on the bottom and therefore when I go to accelerate after stopping I suck air and the truck dies. Thanks for everybody’s input Update. I hate to admit this but my truck is running out of fuel at half a tank the Sending unit is not working properly I do still have 5 gallons in the tank when does. But mayb
  6. Ok I will try it. Thanks. Ok. There is no screen before the raptor. And no obstruction From the bottom of the Pick up tube to the pump. And no leak. The pick up tube is the one which was provided by raptor with the pump. I adjusted the regulator while looking at the fuel pressure gauge. The pressure goes up and down as it should. I don’t know. I’m thinking I need to hook up a temporary volt meter to the pump and see if the power is cutting out to the pump when the truck dies.
  7. These are some good ideas. I will check to see if there is a screen on the inlet side of the pump ,no I do not have a pre-filter in front of the pump. I have no contamination in my fuel tank there’s no water or any crud inside my fuel tank. I will have somebody watch my fuel pressure when I turn up the regulator on the pump and see what happens. I am running the lift pump with the wiring harness through a relay which was provided by raptor when I bought the pump. I’ve had this raptor for maybe five years. It was whining because I had the pressure up to 30 psi. I go
  8. 20 psi is my fuel pressure now. My gauge in the truck is not working and I’m waiting for a new one. I have a pressure gauge hooked up to the shradder valve on the v44 Temporarily. So I can’t tell if the pressure is low before it dies. One thing I do know is after it dies and I bump the starter it takes a while for it to build pressure again. I usually have to bump it twice to build pressure before I try starting It again. It also seems to happen when it is below 1/2 a tank. So frustrating. Thanks for your comment ,Mark
  9. I’m not 100% sure the raptor is working fine. I pressure tested from the 90 to the bottom of pickup tube and it’s good. The raptor does wine from time to time. Maybe the pressure is too high. My fuel pressure gauge fluctuates very slightly. It does almost seem like the pump is shutting down. I’d like to run a temporary voltmeter on the pump so I can look at it when The truck dies. Thanks for the input.
  10. No the vent is not plugged. I checked that. And no suction when I loosen the fuel cap. Also the problem seems to occur when I’m below half a tank. There is no crack in the draw strw or obstruction from the tank.
  11. Please help. At my wits end. I have a 2001 Dodge the problem is, after driving two hours on the highway if I come to a stop after driving this length of time and then accelerate again the truck will die I don’t lose my prime at the injector pump , I do lose pressure. but my pressure takes some time to rebuild and then it will start. I’ve pulled my tank draw straw no obstruction. I have a raptor 100 lift pump. After I restart the truck it runs fine. Starts fine when hot. Seems like it’s starved for fuel. If I bump the starter after it dies the pump will rebuild pressure and the truck wi
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