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  1. 5.9 24v 6speed studded with bd ported exhaust manifold 125hp injectors afe intake borge Warner 464 air dog 100 with big line kit 4” straight pipe I need a v2 tune and don’t know where to start
  2. Ok I just order the adapter now I need help with my tube setting can you help me I have never done this
  3. Ok but the pulse screen I can do all the same tuning on it as the other
  4. My turner says it’s a Adrenaline but it has a pulse v2 monitor I was wondering if I could get the iPhone attachment for it or if I should just start over also I have a 02 24v 5.9 Cummins 6speed 125hp injectors borge Warner 464 turbo arp studs air dog 100 big line kit 4” straight pipe afe intake elbow dual disc southbend clutch I need a tune bad
  5. I am just starting to learn the quadzilla I have a older one but it’s a v2 pulse tune I just figured out how to few then current tune so I will right it down and post it but if y’all know anyone with a similar set up with a tune “$$$$”
  6. I need tuning help with my 2002 Cummins 24valve 6speed 125hp injectors big line kit air dog 100 s464 borg Warner turbo southbend dual disc street/race clutch need quadzilla tune help
  7. i have 02 dodge 2500 24 valve cumins 6 speed 125hp injectors afe intercooler and hose afe intake elbow air dog 100 BIG LINE KIT s464 borg warner turbo non wastegate dual disc race southbend clutch i need a good tune for street and a hot tune aka "hold on tight"
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