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  1. Alright, it seems as if the issue is fixed. I took it back to my transmission shop and they replaced the speed sensor (again) and the “external transmission harness” (from what I gathered he meant the speed sensor wiring harness). I will look in the future and report back which harness they replaced. Thank you guys for your support on this.
  2. It appears as if all shifts at wot are completed at 3,000 RPM
  3. Trans shifts from 1-2 at around 2900 (I was spinning, it’s snowing pretty good here) governor pressure matches desired until it gets to around 85 psi and that’s all it’ll go
  4. I will warm it up tonight and check the 1-2 shift point. I want to say it’s around 3,000 RPM. I installed a suncoast governor pressure solenoid and block in way back when, I’m not sure if the transmission shop reinstalled it or not. I haven’t been inside of it since I got it back from them five months ago. I also installed a new “high pressure” transducer, which I’m not sure if they reused, at the same time as the governor pressure solenoid.
  5. This is what happens during wot before the temp gauge reads 190. Tuning returned to stock, same as the last video. It appears as if the rougher the road the worse it is. It also seems to be getting worse the colder it gets. Here’s a list of what I’ve done to try to cure this issue in order: - Cleaned battery connections - W-T ground mods - Relocated alternator charge wire to passenger side battery with 150 amp circuit breaker - Timbo apps sensor (cured p0121 dead pedal) - New alternator - Unhooked field wire to alternator - New coolant temp
  6. It does get worse on rough roads. When I board the accelerator it stumbles and defuels, then starts accelerating, then repeats in this condition. I have an air dog Raptor 100 and it was set at 20 psi at idle and it dropped to 14, now it’s at 16 at idle and 10 at wot, I’ll have to readjust. Only time I can replicate it is when the pickup has been sitting and is somewhat cool, and ambient temps are below 60°. As soon as the temp on the dash reads 190° everything is normal and it functions as intended. I have checked for AC interference, there is minimal (20mV iirc) and there are no codes.
  7. Update: I returned the tuning back to stock via the smarty and it still does it, but it’s not nearly as dramatic.
  8. Okay, I talked to Dynamic and changed the coolant temp sensor, and also jumped the transmission relay. Neither worked. I did manage to get a video of the problem tonight to try to describe what the pickup is doing, if it may hell with further diagnosis. IMG_0159.MOV
  9. Okay, thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate it!
  10. Alright I performed the pcm ground wire splice repair. Still didn’t fix it.
  11. Where is the pcm ground located? I might not have seen that part of the article.
  12. I’m to the point to where I’m wondering if it might be PCM related. Like I said, the pickup quits downshifting and cutting throttle when the thermostat opens. I am honestly lost and frustrated at this point.
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