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  1. Currently when the pedal is fully depressed and you start to let up on it, the clutch engages rather quickly. My issue is if I second and I’m letting up on the clutch pedal it starts to engage just as fast, but the more I let up on the pedal nothing seems to happen. Typically from my experience when you start letting up on the pedal and feel the initial grab and you keep letting up on it, the more it grabs. Not this one. You let up slightly, it starts to grab, then you keep letting up and nothing seems to happen. Then when you get to the last 3/4 of the pedal stroke it starts to fully engage.
  2. I’m confused as to how to adjust this. So you start the the rod the shortest and extend it out little by little? I’ve attached a picture of mine. The clutch pedal has a fair amount of free play in it as it sits there. You can move the clutch pedal down an inch or 2 and watch the rod go in before it actually feels like it starts to push on anything
  3. If it’s already in there is it safe to say that it didn’t damage them yet?
  4. Didn’t notice this before but I came upon an interesting discovery today. I have an adjustable me master cylinder at the pedal. Not sure what brand but it’s “upgraded” maybe that may help my 2nd gear starts?
  5. My truck measures 4” difference. If I do the front 2” level and it changes 2.5” then I still have a 1.5” rake. I’d be happy with that.
  6. I just purchased an 01 2500 6speed 4x4 Cummins and I’ve noticed after driving it for a few weeks now that if I start in 1st gear, let up on the clutch a couple inches it quickly engages and gets moving no issue. If I start in 2nd gear, it starts to engage at the same distance from the floor but as I keep letting the pedal out it doesn’t seem to grab any more until I get to the top of the pedal travel then it grabs fully and takes off at the last little bit of clutch pedal travel. Starting in 2nd there isn’t any pedal travel after the truck is fully in 2nd gear. Also at rest there is an inch or
  7. Pictures don’t show it as bad as it is. I don’t mind a little rake but it’s excessive.
  8. I posted this on the wrong forum lol. I was asking in another place and someone asked me to measure my front spring height.
  9. Here’s mine. I’m not sure where you measured exactly. But I’m between 13-14” depending on where you measured.
  10. I believe there us some way to do that. But I’m not sure? People sell lift blocks that are for like 2-2.5-3” lift but may work by replacing the factory 4-3/4 block? I’m not sure, hopefully an expert can chime in One thing I never really thought of was the bumper on the front. It’s a beefy bumper, would that be enough to really say a 3/4 ton front suspension though?
  11. Unfortunately I cannot stand how low it is in the front. I’m going to try the level and see what happens. Worst case some adjustable front control arms should be the last piece to the puzzle of returning the truck back to factory like geometry.
  12. I appreciate the feedback! Obviously 2nd gens don’t steer well to begin with, I don’t want to make that worse lol.
  13. I’ve ordered a 3rd gen track bar conversion along with the leveling kit. The stock control arms don’t accommodate even a 2-2.5” leveling kit? I tried to research as much as I could to ensure I had the required parts and I didn’t see anyone say the control arms were a necessity or even recommend them
  14. 4” just seems excessive. I can’t stand it with that much of a difference. I’m going to put a leveling kit on it which should close the difference to 1.5-2” instead of 4”. My truck looks like a sled pulling truck lol
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