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  1. Ok so Industrial Injection is on your list of rebuilders who have the Bosch test/calibration stand.The DP lift pump I have is considered to be an appropriate pump for a non modified truck ! I believe if I remember correctly your VP44 pump came from a Salt Lake City rebuilder most likely Industrial Injection. You make reference to a PSG when discussing a pump. What is that part ??? JOHN
  2. So my vp44 is going bad. I am having dead pedal issues and its having idle problems and occasional white smoke at start up. History 98 dodge 24 valve replaced the vp 48 months ago at 180k miles, now has 198k miles. It had no start issues after getting warm and would start after pouring 5 gallons of cold water on it . I did the first replacement myself but could never get the truck to start and run so loaded the truck and took it to the shop and they replaced the vp44 with another one and it ran. The rebuilder diagnosed the first build as bad and paid the shop bill to replace it. That
  3. I have a leak at my radiator drain. Want to replace the o ring on the drain plug. Anybody happen to know the size of the o ring ? Thanks in advance !!! John
  4. My son has a 95 accord that used oil. It was doing similar to yours. He didn't realize it was leaking rather than burning because of the undercarriage pans were holding most of the oil. The leak was on the back side of the engine from the oil pressure sensor. Once that was replaced with a new sensor the oil usage dropped to a manageable quart every 2500 miles. Just something to check.
  5. I had that problem. The issue turned out to be a bad 'new ' injection pump right out of the box. Was a very frustrating and trouble filled time but having spent a week trying everything suggested here and way more had to get another 'new' injection pump and it fired up and ran fine. Good luck !
  6. madsen


  7. So I changed the big filter and it was quite dirty. I attempted to change the small screen filter.I put in the larger 140 screen filter but try as I might could not get it to fit between the frame and the starter. I was working outside in 10 degree temperatures and the factory plastic fuel line would not bend enough to get it away from the starter. So I cleaned the old plastic filter with brake cleaner fluid and air. It clearly was at least partially plugged with what I assume was wax. It was a white substance. Truck started right up after I primed it a few times. I have figured out
  8. I have not used or bought bio diesel. I have not verified that my factory fuel heater is working, How do I do that, by checking for 12 volts or heat on the filter ? Thanks for continuing to respond to my thread, JOHN
  9. Wix 33007 filter Its intended to catch large chunks that do harm to the pump. Sorry your DRP pump did not last. No I have not changed the filter as it appears to be clean. John
  10. I use Total Power anti gel as it was recommended by the local Cummins dealer. Temperatures have been low of -14 at the coldest .Truck has not had issues in the past at -25 using the same fuel station and no antigel. Temperature on Saturday night is projected to be -20 ! THe truck does not struggle to start at those temperatures just refuses to keep running ! John
  11. WOW Great replies Thanks for all the responses. I will attempt to answer questions. I have a pressure gage mounted on top of factory fuel filter. It reads 18 -14 pounds except when it is having the gelling issues it is , Then it reads zero . I always add the 2 cycle oil at fill up.The problem is constant when cold and not just a single tank . I buy my fuel at the same place . The lift pump is a FASS DRP series. The question I had was ideas about how to keep this filter from freezing.The mount position is vertical. The filter is required, I believe, to keep large pieces from enterin
  12. So I have had a problem this winter with a freezing fuel filter. I put it in when I installed after market lift pump. The filter is a small plastic type with a metal mesh screen ( required by the lift pump manufacturer to have a valid warranty). Its located next to the starter between it and the frame rail. Never had problems before this winter. To solve the problem I have had to double the amount of anti gel as I have normally used and add # 1 diesel to keep it from freezing and stalling . Is there a different solution to this issue other than installing a heated fuel filter on the frame
  13. So are you talking replace the whole injector or just the nozel ?
  14. So I can do the overhead valve lash adjustment. Can you clean the injectors and have the pop pressure reset like on a Mercedes diesel or do I have to buy new or rebuilt injectors ? If I have to buy new what do I buy ? brand size ? I got my injection pump from Gomers out of Missoula and was very happy with their service I am happy with how the truck runs with the standard injectors and very happy with my overall Fuel mileage. Trucks gets a solid 21 to 22 driving 75 Helena to Seattle and back. How do you get 18-22 in town ? THANKS for your response John
  15. I have 2 issues with my truck. Some times my idle lopes from 800 to 900 rpm. This issue seems like not a big deal but maybe points to the other issue of a miss at idle and at speed.The lope issue seems to be only while the truck is getting up to temperature and it is inconsistent. The second issue is the truck develops a miss as it warms. I have isolated it to cyc 3 and 4 by using a snap on code reader /scanner. My son thinks I have a couple of leaking injectors or possibly crossover tubes. Truck gets good mileage 14 in town and over 20 on the road at 70.Truck information ; 180 k miles 3/4 ton
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