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  1. Thanks everyone, I was a little tighter and am now @ 120 lbs.
  2. Question - Do you lube your lug nuts or not? If so, what do you torque them too? I have always used anti-seize and torqued them to 135ft lbs. But last weekend I was going down the highway and my front right tire decided to pass me up. All 8 lugs were ripped out, and it looks like I had over torqued them. I realize wet the torque should be reduced, but never had a problem until last weekend. I have a 2007 2500 megacab and the hubs are ~6 months old with ~5k on them. Any suggestions? Thanks, Philo
  3. Thanks, I will most likely go with MOOG parts, sell my 18's and go back to the stock 16's and get some taller tires. I think my ball joints are still good as well as my track bar. Mike - I like your forum and thanks for the advice.
  4. Thanks Mike, I think I might sell these rims and go back to my stock rims. I don't want to have suspension issues. What size / type tires do you reccomend? I have 4.10's, so I would like to go with something taller. What manufactor tie rods would you go with? seems lots of people like moog. Philo
  5. On my 1998.5, I recently upgraded from the stock wheels to some 2014 take offs (275 70 R18's) and added 2" spacers. I have put about 3k on them and yesterday noticed some front end noise. The tie rods feel very sloppy now. Few questions: Will luke's links fix this problem? or Should I rebuild with moog parts? Do you think the larger rims, tires, and spacers caused my front end issues? Thanks, Philo
  6. They are doing fine, no issues so far. About 1k miles. Recommend - too early to tell - I like the rims and the larger tires. But the spacers were very expensive. handling & ride quality - both are good. I like the larger tires. Have no issues turning. I bought them from Wheeladapter.com out of Southern Califonria. I found much cheaper adapters on ebay, but I have small kids and don't want any issues. http://www.wheeladapter.com/index.php From what 440Rat posted above, I am concerned about my front wheel bearings. Hopes this helps. Good luck.
  7. The 2" spacers were to offset the new rims. I bought 2" spacers, but I think 1.75" may have fit. The tires are the Firestone takeoffs 275 70 R18's They fit pretty good and this was a much needed improvement. I don't feel like I am driving a mini-truck any longer.
  8. Received the wheel spacers tonight and installed them. Will take it for a ride on Tuesday and then re-torque them. The stock bald tires and steel rims weighed 69 lbs each and the 2014 alloys and tires weigh 82 lbs ea. I like the rims and the rear fit well, but the front look like they stick out a little.
  9. 440Rat - I am not sure about the wheel bearings. I thought with the offset of the rims, the adapters would put the rims where they need to be to clear the front suspension. Anyone else have issues with front adapters / wheel spacers and wheel bearings?
  10. yes - exactly what Tom said. I will let you know what happens as soon as I receive the adapters.
  11. Jep - Cowboy is correct the cap on the wheels hits the studs. So I measured it the rims / studs and it appears I need about an inch spacer to make them work. Then I thought about it, and 1" spacers would mean I would have to cut the studs to make the spacers work. Cutting 32 studs doesn't sound fun. So I measured again and it appears 1.5" would work and I wouldn't have to cut the studs. So 2 1.5" spacers in the rear should make this work, but I am not sure what kind of havoc this would rain on my turning. The back spacing on the 2014 rims is ~ 2" deeper....so I ordered 4 2" spacers. I am not a fan of spacers, but I like the rims (18 alloy take off's with 3k on them) and got a good deal. The spacers should be here on Friday - I will let you guys know if this works, or if I just ordered some very expensive paper weights.
  12. I bought a set of 2014 18" take off alloy rims w/tires off craigs list. I thought they would be a nice upgrade from my steel wheels with bald tires. I understand the lugs wouldn't fit, but thought the rims would. To make the rear fit, they need to be spaced out for the rims to clear in the rear. Anyone have any advice on the size of the spacers I need and where to buy them? Thanks again, Philo
  13. I haven't see a cap that fits tight, hence I just replaced my dash with one from LMC. The fit is good, and I replaced mine when I did my heater core. The little bolts holding vents in took some time - but the rest was easy.
  14. Update: I took the lines off and put them back on. Drove until it was hot and it appears to be dry now. Thanks again, Philo
  15. Thanks for all the advice, I definately won't stick my hand in there when its running. Its wet underneath and will drip in various places if I am stopped for more than a minute. I had loosened up the #1 line 8mm injector line hold downs and tried to get a better seat...but it didn't work. I will take off the injector lines tonight and get a good look at them and try to get them to seat.
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