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New brake pad "Burnishing" procedure

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Just throwing this out there for those who do not know that all new brake pads must be "Burnished" or worn in for ultimate brake performance.

Coming from the heavy mining, construction and ag equipment side of the world this is a common "Must Do" procedure on all dry brake pads be it drum or disc but you all most likely do not know that it should be done on ALL vehicles with drum or disc brakes.

There are different ways of doing it but all have the same results. rather than typing it out I will just post up a couple different procedures. Enjoy and hopefully you all learned something new and hopefully it will lead to safer braking for everyones sake.

If one looks it up there are tons of videos and info on it. I see posts of weak brakes and other brake issues but never see this brought up.

Coming from the heavy equipment side of the world failing to do this can lead to decreased braking efficiency up to and over 30-40% and I have seen it many many times on scrapers.








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