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Cab and bed not ligning up

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Hey guys,

So I'm sure everyone has seen those pickup trucks that have either the bed or cab sagging so badly that the truck is folding in half. I absolutely hate that look, even the slightest bit. Well I think my truck has started to do this, ever so slightly. I'm probably the only one who would notice it. But I wanna get a jump on trying to figure it out. Does anyone know what causes this? Is it worn out cab mount bushings? Can I get replacements? Has anyone else encountered this issue?




So just looking around I found Energy Suspension poly cab bushings at Geno's for $120. So now my questions are, how much work are they to replace? Just take the bolt out and lift the cab with a jack and pop the new bushing in? Also, I was reading one thread where guys didn't want the poly bushings, are they not as good as the OEM rubber?

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Super easy to install, just like you said. Good idea to sand blast and powder coat bushing plates to avoid future rust and treat the cab mounts also. They do stiffen things up, then again this truck has always ridden like a tank. Rubber is more flexible and forgiving, in regards to ride quality. I replaced mine because of squashing, an 1" difference on some. OEM rubber is expensive, aftermarket only has poly.

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