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1999 Ecm Pcm Issues NO START

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Ok LOOKING for some help here . I have a 1999 2500 4X4 5 speed Quad St .

Recently I did a cab swap over the winter . While putting the truck together I used the 1998.5 Dash and harness from an SLT . While working on the truck it ran great started up after sitting for a couple of months .

While were putting it all back together we came across an issue with the 1998.5 dash . the Headlight switch in a 1998.5 and the 1999 are different and we had no headlights . so we switched everything over and put the 1999 dash back into to the truck . So all the harness is 1999 .

We went to start the truck and it started and died ! We thought the pump but after all that what was going on we hotwired the pump and it starts?

Next we thought the ecm went for a pouch . We had the p1698 code and even after wiping it clean it still a no start .

So I purchased a ecm and ptm from a donor truck . Put in the ecm with the original ptm still in . no start! next we put the donor ptm in and it started and stalled about 4 times. now we have a no start again .

 I found out after that the donor truck has a highline ctm and mine is a low line. So in 1999 I am of the understanding that it is all plug and play . LOOKING FOR SOME input .

Just so everyone knows I have changed the Cam and crank sensors trying to get it to start .

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 I got this straight from Dodge RAM 2001 service manual, ELECTRONIC CONTROL MODULES 8E - 1.


Three versions of the Central Timer Module (CTM)
are available on this vehicle, a base version (Fig. 1),
a high-line version (Fig. 2), and a premium version.


- Vehicle Theft Alarm - The high-line/premium
CTM provides control of the optional Vehicle Theft
Alarm features, including support for the central
locking/unlocking mode.


The high-line/premium CTM provides the following
messages to other electronic modules over the CCD
data bus:
- Engine Enable (PCM)  <-----------------------------
- Radio Seek Up (Radio)
- Radio Seek Down (Radio)
- Radio Volume Up (Radio)
- Radio Volume Down (Radio)
- Preset Scan (Radio)

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OK . From that is my understanding on a 2001 . My 1999 has lowline on the st model .

Does anyone know that this is the same issue on a highline ctm for a 99 ? Did the highline do the same ?

if so how would this affect the ecm and ptm  on the 99?

I know that the 2001 have a chipped key . Not sure about the 99 .

I was of the understanding that all the ecm and ptm in 98.5 and 99 were plug and play . Trying to find a fix !

Thanks for the input . please keep it coming

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