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  1. Chris O.

    Chris O.

  2. I am pretty sure your abs is acting up because of the tire revolutions per mile mile not set correctly.
  3. As far as I know Dana80 Hybrid axle regardless of gear ratio has 120 tone ring tooth count. Sorry guys the tool is on hold until my job and health issues are solved.
  4. Set the multimeter at the ohms (symbol Ω), look for (1600Ω - 2300Ω).
  5. Well it could be the wiring harness, measure the resistance directly on the real ABS sensor first. https://youtu.be/HRvhzrsEQ28 CODE 37 - Intermittent Signal From Rear Sensor.
  6. I did edit the post above with ABS connector and multimeter picture. GLOSSARY OF TERMS: ABS antilock brake system CAB controller antilock brake CCD Chrysler Collision Detection DLC data link connector EBC electronic brake controller EMF electromotive force (generated voltage) HCU hydraulic control unit IC integrated circuit NVRAM non-volatile random access memory PDC power distribution center RAM random access memory RWAL rear wheel antilock ROM read only memory WSS wheel speed sensor WHEEL SPEED SENSORS: The EBC 325 ABS system uses one wheel speed sensor on each front wheel, and one speed sensor mounted in the rear axle for the rear wheels. The EBC 2 used only one speed sensor mounted in the rear axle for the rear wheels. The sensor measures the wheel speed by monitoring a rotating tone wheel. The signal generated by the sensor and tone wheel is transmitted to the CAB. Each sensor has: * a magnetic/coil pick-up (speed sensor) that is mounted to a fixed component * an air gap between the tone wheel and the speed sensor assembly As the teeth of the tone wheel move through the magnetic field of the sensor, an AC voltage is generated. This signal frequency increases or decreases proportionally to the speed of the wheel. The CAB monitors this signal to check for a sudden change in single or multiple wheel decelerations. If the deceleration of one or more wheels is not within a predetermined amount, the antilock module takes control. Diagnostically, the coil of wheel speed sensors have different amounts of resistance based upon the sensor type. When measured across the connector two terminals, the resistance should be: 4x4 front sensor 893-1208 ohms 4x2 front sensors 1800-2200 ohms All rear sensors 1600-2300 ohms.
  7. This is from my CCD bus tool notes. When Monitored and Set Condition: REAR SENSOR OPEN When Monitored: Ignition on. The CAB monitors the wheel speed circuit every 7 milliseconds (ms). Set Condition: If the CAB detects an open or shorted wheel speed sensor circuit, the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) will set. POSSIBLE CAUSES: REAR WHEEL SPEED SENSOR OR CONNECTOR DAMAGE INTERMITTENT DTC REAR WHEEL SPEED SENSOR (+) CIRCUIT SHORTED TO GROUND REAR WHEEL SPEED SENSOR (-) CIRCUIT SHORTED TO GROUND REAR WHEEL SPEED SENSOR SHORTED TO GROUND CAB - INTERNAL SHORT OR OPEN REAR WHEEL SPEED SENSOR (+) CIRCUIT OPEN REAR WHEEL SPEED SENSOR (-) CIRCUIT OPEN REAR WHEEL SPEED SENSOR (+) CIRCUIT SHORTED TO VOLTAGE REAR WHEEL SPEED SENSOR (-) CIRCUIT SHORTED TO VOLTAGE REAR WHEEL SPEED SENSOR CIRCUITS SHORT TOGETHER REAR WHEEL SPEED SENSOR RESISTANCE OUT OF SPECIFICATION Measure the resistance across the Rear Wheel Speed Sensor (+) and (-) circuits at the CAB connector. Is the resistance 1600 - 2300 ohms? When Monitored and Set Condition: SYSTEM CONTROL MODE TIMEOUT When Monitored: Vehicle in antilock control mode. Vehicle speed above 6 km/h (4 mph) for 2 seconds. Set Condition: When monitored conditions have been satisfied for 120 consecutive controller checks spaced 1 second apart. POSSIBLE CAUSES CAB - NO RESPONSE TO INPUT BRAKE LAMP SWITCH BRAKE LAMP SWITCH SENSE CIRCUIT CAB INTERNAL FAULT ACTION: in Inputs/Outputs, read the Brake Lamp Switch state. Apply and release the brake pedal. Does the Scan Tool follow the pedal position?
  8. For DODGE 2nd-gen, PSC Motorsports: https://www.pscmotorsports.com/vehicle-specific-products/dodge-truck-steering/94-02-full-size-p-u/1994-2002-dodge-ram-2500-3500-conversion-ram-assist-kit-stage-1.html
  9. Yes - but not recommended, oil pressure sensors are designed for 0~100 PSI range - Fuel pressure 0~30 PSI range.
  10. Reprogramming 1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee Gauge Clusters I bet this will work on Dodge RAM.
  11. Correct CUMMINS INSITE software, connected to cummins bus (CAN bus, 3 pin connector by injection pump) EDIT: On 1999 connector location close to the injection pump, newer trucks probably have this connector closer to the ECM.
  12. CUMMINS INSITE Engine Diagnostics Software: My truck @ 352000 miles mostly Highway ~ total engine hours = 9668h-22m-35sec.
  13. Try a simple test of resistance between ECM plug CCD BUS + - and ODBII data link connector (DLC) CCD BUS plug + -. -> (SEE PIC.) Look for resistance with less than 20 ohms (Ω).
  14. If you do have Infinity factory radio and steering wheel volume control buttons then the buttons are connected to Highline or Premiumline Central Timer Module (CTM), the CTM relays the buttons commands to the radio via the CCD Bus.
  15. ECM hardware issue or CCD bus wiring issues between the rest of the CCD bus (PCM, EMIC). I was just checking my CCD bus data logs and the RPM message comes from ECM on Cummins diesel application and on gas engine applications it comes from (JTEC) PCM. This message also contains boost information. This is the same message that the Electro-Mechanical Instrument Cluster (EMIC) needs for the RPM gauge.
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