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  1. SavageTusk

    Steering Linkage Y, T, ?

    Hm. Now that know the difference, I already have the HD "T" style. Maybe the ball joints are toast, giving me too much play. Does anyone know if the ends are tapered for the 99? I know the pitman arm and drag link are from when I put the lift kit on but don't know about the tie rod ends.
  2. SavageTusk

    Steering Linkage Y, T, ?

    Thanks @CTcummins24V, this looks like the route in may want to go. @Mopar1973Man, yeah running 37x12.5s so they are big, even when I had 285s on it it still wasn't rigjt, I do feel it more now.
  3. Hey y'all, wanted a recommendation. The steering on my Dodge just doesn't feel solid. I have very little play in my wheel, steering box feels fine. I haven't jacked it up to check for wheel movement but assume that either the tie rod ends are going out or it's a combo with the drag link. On to my question. With the 99 model, is the "Y" steering Linkage version a good replacement or are there any recommendations on the "T" conversion if it's even needed. Any links to what others have done in the past? Thanks!
  4. SavageTusk

    Modern Power Point

    Hey out of curiosity, what's that metal piece on your shifter.
  5. SavageTusk

    Modern Power Point

    I like the volt meter idea. Looks good man.
  6. SavageTusk

    Cluster Odometer mileage

    This is right up my alley, I may give this a go. Thanks man.
  7. Here is the filter housing location for the fuel pressure gauge.
  8. SavageTusk

    Cluster Odometer mileage

    See that's what i thought too. I have people swearing up and down that it's all stored in the cluster. Has anyone tried it?
  9. Hey Fellas, Can I swap clusters without any issue with the odometer? I don't care what the odometer says but want to make sure the it won't throw a code.
  10. SavageTusk

    Modern Power Point

    The dash plastic there is pretty tough. I just pushed em through, breaking the brittle plastic lip ring on the old plugs. Remove the cubby compartment to the right and you can reach the wires and plugs.
  11. SavageTusk

    Quadzilla display project

    Thanks man. Yep thanks for the info on that. Just had to edit the lpm file.
  12. I hope you have better luck than me, I've tried 2 ebay stereos and both were garbage. As much as I wanted them to work for the price, I returned them both. My main issue is that they had BAD popping on and off and were just we're just plain cheaply made. After the last, I went to Best Buy and got a double din Kenwood and all issues went away. I don't really care about brand names but in the car stereo category, there is a difference. Just my personal experience. Hope you have better luck.
  13. SavageTusk

    Quadzilla iQuad - no mph

    Thanks man, I'll give this a go.
  14. SavageTusk

    Modern Power Point

    Yep, did the same in my old automatic. I got these on eBay. Perfect fit, you don't need the screen on back, they are threaded and that plastic thread holds tightly. Here's the view of the power plugs.
  15. SavageTusk

    Quadzilla display project

    This is great man! Rooted my old tablet and set this up. Really useful. I was always afraid I'd leave my tab running in my car at night. Now I can use a switched power source. Edit: One thing that's nice to add is to delay so if you turn your engine off for fast food or whatever, you have a bit to order without the reboot. Of course this can be any time length. Lastly, this can open your iquad app too, all in one. Here's my final flow. Just remember to connect shutdown back to the top. 👍