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  1. Interesting, I have dash command. I'll dig into the PIDs a little too, see if I can make out anything.
  2. SavageTusk

    Let loose

    Yeah, so far. Solenoid and deep sump. I have talked with Dynamic and will probably get on the Stage 3 setup. Although the Mrs. did say that if I blow this one up that I can get a tranny or a new truck Anyone know if you can just upgrade the Hx35w (54/60/12) to a 62 compressor & 68 turbine in the Hx35 12cm2 housing?
  3. SavageTusk

    Let loose

    Well I have a 2wd, gotta have a larger stance somehow
  4. SavageTusk

    Let loose

    Good info guys, so in theory, I could actually swap gears to a 4.11 gear set and have a final ratio of 3.73, almost identical to having 245's on.
  5. Where is the low power? I've been pondering this. Turbo upgrade? Diff gears? ECM mod? You get to a point when all forms and info get so jumbled you forgot what you are looking for. I don't tow much, some, but not much. I want that tire burning diesel action when I feel the need to use it. I can get about 35 lbs of boost with my setup, which is good, egts climb to the 1500s at Wot( rarely at Wot) . Little worried about that. From what I read my Hx35w (54/60/12) is a good turbo, but a 60/60/12 or 62/68/12 would spool faster. But would that rip the tires loose? If so what is the right turbo internal upgrade? I thought about changing diff gears to 4.11 for low end power with my 285s but my current 3.55 seems to be where I need to be.. I think. I've also heard talk about a Mad catcher ECM mod ripping off the line but don't know how it plays with quadzilla. Once I'm rolling, it's on, but from a dead stop what's the magic ingredient to rip loose? What am I missing?
  6. SavageTusk

    'The Boost Bus'

    I'd go this route with it,
  7. SavageTusk

    Transmission upgrade

    Curious, what are your power goals?
  8. SavageTusk

    Transmission upgrade

    So something like a Suncoast Category 3 SunCoast 47RE Rebuild Kit would cover it. Any other recommendations?
  9. I'm stuck on a topic that I see a lot on 2nd gens, especially moving up in horsepower. Beef up the transmission, upgrade the tranny, etc. What is the most practical option to do this? I'm looking to get to the 500hp range. Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  10. SavageTusk

    Aftermarket injectors?

    Interesting, I did a tps/apps reset today and fingers crossed.. Sounds great! Almost seems too easy. I'll check the valves over the weekend just to be on the safe side when I install the double deep tranny pan. Hopefully the injectors were set properly and it doesn't come to that.
  11. SavageTusk

    Aftermarket injectors?

    Hm, well maybe I spoke too soon. Everything runs fine but seems a bit off. My instincts tell me that it's missing.. like the timing is off a bit. Maybe I was off in the valve lashing? Wish I could explain it better. If it's missing it has to be just barely. I lashed the valves using the pictured steps. Maybe I need to check it again. Thoughts?
  12. SavageTusk

    Garage - Black Betty

    No, it's not, it just rolled off my tongue the other day so it was named, lol
  13. SavageTusk

    Aftermarket injectors?

    Well I got the 7X0.0095 SAC injectors installed today and everything is running! 🤘 I also set the valve lashing, man that really quieted the engine. So far so good! Finding a good tune now :D
  14. Vehicle: Black Betty Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2018-08-03 Black Betty
  15. SavageTusk

    Black Betty