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  1. Vehicle: The Rammer Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2018-10-20 The Rammer
  2. SavageTusk

    The Rammer

  3. SavageTusk

    Quadzilla iQuad - no mph

    So 45 on the ecm ends up going to the pcm (grey/black). What I don't understand is why the speedometer works and the quadzilla does not receive a signal. What harness on the quadzilla reads the speed?
  4. Here's the link. It is a 1 din but has a 4.1" screen. Nice for the backup camera. Operationally, it's OK but there's a lot I'd change for ease of use. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263819416493
  5. That's what I do too. 4 gauge right to the seat bolt. I'll do that with the stereo, ground to a nearby bolt in addition to the harness, just for good measure. I have some extra 4 gauge so. I'll do the big 3 with it. First time with an ebay head unit.. I don't think I'd recommend it but for $50, I'm not complaing...too much. I figure I'll let the eq/dsp do most of the work later on. So far today no start or stop pops so. I think I'm in good shape.
  6. Thanks for the tips, yes the ebay stereo wires are super thin and cheap. Of course you know the instructions that come with these are lacking to say the least. I got to thinking about it and the auto antenna / amplifier blue wire as it's mentioned in the manual is really just for auto antenna. There is a delay in turning it off. I ran my amplifier remote wire to the switched red wire and my turn off pop is gone. This is because it turns the amp off with the key and then the stereo turns off. At first I thought I may need a delayed relay to eliminate start up pop but so far so good. No thumps. Thanks fellas.
  7. A relay makes sense Any specifics on what you used? Or just any relay will do?
  8. I have an issue that you small electronics guys may have a solution for. When I turn off my car stereo, there is a delay for the screen to shut down. Once the stereo turns off there is a loud thud from the subwoofers connected to an amp. I have reduced the remote turn on wire from 12v to 5v via (2) 1k ohm resistors and still does it. My thinking is that there it a voltage spike when the radio turns off causing the problem. What would I use to catch this or how would I "filter" this spike?
  9. SavageTusk

    Quadzilla iQuad - no mph

    Well ecu back and a lot running well with the new software, oil pressure is working now. However, I can't figure out why the Quadzilla won't read mph. Still 0. Speedo works on the Instrument cluster but nothing on the Quadzilla. I guess I'll try a new map sensor? Truck runs great, just no mph
  10. I'm trying to decide between the S200GX-E faster spool or the Super B Special SX-E S363 more top end. I don't tow. Can any turbo gurus help me decide? Anyone have experience with these? Thanks! Oh, and of course open to other recommendations, but these are what I've narrowed it to with my lack of skill. 😂
  11. SavageTusk

    Quadzilla iQuad - no mph

    Thanks @Dieselfuture , I shipped it off to Bob Wagner from Smarty "bob-wagner@msn.com". For $115 he can repair and reprogram the ECM with the updated OEM software and my VIN. I should have it back Monday and hopefully some good news to share!
  12. SavageTusk

    Quadzilla iQuad - no mph

    Well it seems like this is an issue with the ECM, I tested it in my other 99 dodge I'm getting ready to sell and it immediately ran TERRIBLY. I'm talking with Bob Wagner over at Smarty and it looks like at one time had a Van Aaken or edge box added to the truck via the ECM port. I'm trying to get this repaired/reflashed. Hopefully I can put this to bed soon. Does anyone else have experience with flashing ECMs (Updating VIN, flashing software to the eeprom)?
  13. SavageTusk

    Quadzilla iQuad - no mph

    I made new grounds and terminal lugs today while I fixed the ground Reference for the VP44,ECM,PCM,PDC. Another oddity to throw in besides the codes,1693, 0237, 0501, 0522 & 0573 sometimes the coolant will display on the Quadzilla as -40* So the issues are: -Erratic behavior on Oil pressure & coolant -No MPH Question. I have another '99 outside, if this is a ecu problem could I plug that one on this truck?
  14. SavageTusk

    Quadzilla iQuad - no mph

    It reports 0 at idle. Normal when driving.
  15. SavageTusk

    Quadzilla display project

    I don't wanna root a new stereo because of an app. This is my solution.