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  1. Hey there, I have a 2000 Cummins that I've been building for about 7months. I put a new cab on it and dash. The dash is a 98. I've got everything hooked up but when I turn the key to start it, I'm not getting any dummy lights, check engine lights, or even an odometer. The backlights work and all the guages seem to twitch/reset. Anyone have any info on what could cause this? Dead/low batteries? Grounds? Thanks guys.
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  3. @cumminsVP2001 I know Chris Krebs is making 900 or so on fuel with a monster VP...
  4. Actually i do still have the grid heater. Havent decided whether i want to delete or not. Still gets kinda cold up here in Wisco in the mornings on days that i may want to drive it. But thats was very good information. Chris has messaged me back so now we will see how this whole thing goes.
  5. Yes i am. Been dwelling on it for a while to dedicate it to the track. Finally popped the HG so now shes getting a huge makeover and lots of goodies. Sitting at 600/1200 right now without the upgrades. Ok. I may have screwed myself. I scrapped my old cab, but i have another rust free one. By what ive seen online, the harnesses look to be somewhat universal? So couldnt i just plug into the new harness and be okay? I did keep my ECM. im running a full manual valve body and have my lockup/overdrive on switches
  6. Vp44 guys. Im doing alot of work on my truck, cutting weight etc...my plan is to completely gut the cab, pull everything out and leave just the column, seats, shifter, and guages...gonna use my tablet/quadzilla for tach and speedo. My question is, Is there anything in the cab that is a "must have" to complete circuits or anything that if removed would cause the truck not to run? Besides the obvious **** like ignition wires. Id also be open to wiring a push button start. Any info would be much appreciated.
  7. Alright fellas, had a great night of racing the other night, truck ran flawlessly. Next day however, im experiencing a "popping" at higher RPMs. Almost as if its bouncing off the rev limiter. I followed the instructions and made this graph. Anyone noticing anything weird? Or "out of whack?" Roads were wet during the log, so i did get some tire spin. I just wanted to duplicate the issue.
  8. No problem man! I will update you as soon as i get home and have a chance to flash it.
  9. We did hook the Charger up to it, and did jump it as well. I unplugged it and checked the harness and board for burnt leads (had that happen with my last board) and didnt see or smell anything. What time do you guys open up today? Was gonna give a call.
  10. Hey Fellas, long time no talk. My truck has been broke down since last october (transmission #3) and i finally got her back up again yesterday. But for some reason when i try to connect to my quad via bluetooth, it diesnt show up as "available devices"... I havent updated it since the truck broke, so im assuming thats the issue. Also, when i connect it to my computer to flash it, the usb drive never shows up..anyone else have these issues or have had them?
  11. I would think you would be fine. Although your truck is very heavy. That kinda throws a curve. All i know is Ive got 6x018s with my s364sxe and on 1/4 mile pulls at the track i dont smoke. Just a light haze once she spools.
  12. Im on factory bolts and gasket. I run 1500rpm 17.5 2000rpm 19.5 2500rpm 23.0 3000rpm 24.5 Max. 26.0 Ive been like that for quite some time now. Runs great.
  13. Yea, ive got 6x018s right now, so we will see how they do. Lol kinda just pushing my luck but a swap is in the plans, just gonna see what i can get out of the vp lol
  14. Thats my thought. I will be upgrading valvetrain and studs over the winter. Gonna slap an s475 with my 366. Run the VP till she finally goes then p-pump swap. Yea, me too man. Would have loved to put down 600+ on the dyno, but didnt want to flirt with the timing. Max is at 26 right now. 595hp. Hell, probably just another degree would have done it. But im trying respect the gasket. Lol
  15. Ok will do! Thanks! Truck has been running pretty damn good lately. Had to replace the off brand triple disc converter last week. Went with a Goerends triple disc. LOVE it! The ol 47re should be pretty good to go now. All billet shafts except the intermediate. Was hoping to hit the strip on last time to shoot for 11s in the truck but dont think ill get a chance.
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