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  1. Towrigdually

    Long term storage

    Thats what I've always done with everyone vehicle I've let sit, looks like the dodge it getting the same treatment then! Over on the island, in freeland
  2. So work just let me know i need to go overseas for a job. I might be gone for 3 weeks or up to 15 months. what have you guys done to keep these trucks to maintain them in storage. already plan on unplugging the batteries and putting them on a battery tender, putting it on jacks to attempt to save the tires since they are only 4 months old now. Figured put some desiccant and rat poison in the cab also. what do you recommend for the fuel, Fill it all the way up or run till almost empty?
  3. Towrigdually

    241DHD T-case rebuild kit

    Well that's news to me haha
  4. Towrigdually

    241DHD T-case rebuild kit

    I recently rebuilt the case in my 95 1500 with a kit from Americanpowertrainwarehouse.com and 23k later it's still good, since it's the commeted yard/farm/do it all truck the case hasn't been treaty nicely on occasions since the rebuild, with that being said, I recommend them for a kit. I looked into the kit for the np241hd in the 3500 but they have different input bearing sizes for the kits, I just haven't pulled my case to check which kit I need to order so hopefully that info helps when ordering yours.
  5. Towrigdually

    Speaker Replacement

    Just put in a pioneer deck and new kickers in my quad cab last month. One of the better replacements I've done. But like others have said, bypassing the amps are the way to go. There's a good amount of YouTube videos on it, stupid easy to accomplish. I think I did all my stuff in about 2 hrs from start to finish, even gave me a chance to clean in inside of the doors out!
  6. Towrigdually

    Fuel gauge fluctuations

    Seeing your mileage makes me semi-regret getting larger tires... Right now I usually go between 76-90 miles before it comes off full. That's if I don't fill the fuel neck. So maybe I do have a cluster or sending unit issue, it wouldn't surprise me. I'll have to investigate further into it
  7. Towrigdually

    Fuel gauge fluctuations

    Hmmmm I guess next time I fill up I'll need to pay attention to how much I put in. That might be the issue entirely
  8. Towrigdually

    Fuel gauge fluctuations

    Checked all fittings this morning and all tight. Spray some soapy water on all fittings and areas where air could be introduced to the system, even fuel lines, and don't see any bubbles from being sucked into the system at all. So i think I need a gauge and maybe a new snubber
  9. Towrigdually

    Fuel gauge fluctuations

    Its already a mechanical gauge but I agree, I might have put to much pressure on it finally Systems goes from tank, sump, fass, fuel gauge T, then injection pump. I plan to check all fittings tommorow morning.
  10. so I usually never let my fuel gauge get below 1/4 tank and during my last drive I did just ever so slightly. When I took a sharp turn into the gas station my fuel gauge dropped right to 0 and stayed. I immediately shut the truck off and then bumped the starter to listen for the fass to run, which it did. So I let it run but it came up normally but the needle then vibrates quickly as it climbs to 17-18 psi. If I let it sit for a few seconds it settles out no problem. Now everytime i get slightly above a 1/4 tank it starts to fluctuate between 18 down to 7-8 whenever I stop or make a turn. Side note, this is an autometer 0-15psi gauge and I've been overpressuring it for over 2 years. Could the gauge have went bad finally? Or maybe a different issue? The truck has no power loss and starts right up no matter how long it been sitting wheather it be over night or just enough to fill up. The fass 95 pump has been on for about a year now. Has anyone ever had a similar issue?
  11. Towrigdually

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Stupid easy to install. The 35hp "mileage tune" is nice, but I've gotten better mileage out of then 75hp tune. This trip if I set cruise at 65-70 I'd getting 16-18 hand calculated. It's great when pulling the 30' gooseneck. id definitely recommend it if you want just alil somethin to wake it up and not have to go deep into supportin mods.
  12. Towrigdually

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    2200 miles later, whidbey island for work!
  13. Towrigdually

    Injector upgrade options

    I'm not exactly sure where I bought the wheel from anymore but it might be. I figured I'd be limited but I'm ok with it, on this vehicle atleast. Atleast I have the option to move up to the next size. And i might take you up on those, currently doing my research now about what route I wanna take with this. With my lower power number, and no rush to grow or upgrade anytime soon. Does the group agree I'd most likely be better off with a SAC type injector?
  14. Towrigdually

    Injector upgrade options

    Pulling under 10k 70% of the time, Remainder is 15k or better. Majority of pulling loads are done on the weekend.
  15. Looking to upgrade over the rv275's that are in the truck currently if possible, not sure if I have the proper supporting mods to use upgraded injectors if I do. So heres the list, -quadzilla xzt -fass 95 -bhaf -4" turbo back -hx35 w/ ww2 (don't waste money on this wheel) -3 piece manifold would I be safe upgrading to 50 or 75hp injectors? Or would it be a safer bet just to stay where I'm at? I'm only looking to upgrade because what I have now are starting to haze.