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  1. Truck looks good! Also, As someone else with a disc brake dually truck, keep an eye on the fluid level. They are expensive to replace. I now grease the bearings yearly. Passenger side is usually the problem child with the oiling issues.
  2. It should be a straight swap, the pinion might be longer so that might affect driveshaft length.
  3. Torque king or quad4x4, whatever it’s called anymore, sells a good rebuild kit. Good timken bearings in the kit I got.
  4. that the kit I used last spring, fit was good and no leaks so far. and I recommend a 24” extension, drop the panel under the wheel and it’s a straight shot to the 4 nuts against the firewall.
  5. When mine locked up last summer I drove it for about 2 weeks due to working 16hr days. I will say this, just buy the OEM from either the dealer or genos garage, I tried the part store special, the good gmd brand from rockauto, and lastly the amazon special. All stayed locked or didn’t lock at all. OEM was the only one that worked properly From the box.
  6. I’ve used this before when shortening shafts for a mud truck or Offroad vehicle. This way I know how much To remove. But as said before, call the shop your going to use and see how they want it measured. they might measure it differently.
  7. After driving coast to coast a few times for work. the most I can say is basic hand tools, spare fluids, some fuses, and a belt. Beyond that you’ll need hard parts, I travel with pandora or Spotify playing so I know when I actually have service.
  8. Could be the chain jumping gears in the transfercase, might binding up and causing the bang noise.
  9. Don’t see why a synthetic 75w-90 wouldn’t work, as long as it have the limited slip addictive in it or you add it the truck should be fine. im running Lucas 85w-140 in my 1500 with a Dana 70/60 swap. Mostly cause I ordered the wrong fluid from summit, but it’s been fine for 4yrs now without issue.
  10. Been running the xzt myself, had it with rv275 injectors with the 1000 series tunes. Now have the 90hp injectors with the 2000 series. used the 1000 series with the 90s a bit but it surged some when cruising between 1900-2100 rpm unless it was loaded. Smoke is about the same between 1000 and 2000. If I remember right, got about 16-17 mpg with the rv275 cruise set to 70. Right now getting about 15-16 cause I’m doing a lot of city driving, on highway set to 70 I’ve gotten 19. and I get the best mileage by leaving it set to the “65hp” mode. probably could get better mil
  11. The first sounds like a similar issue I had with my truck when I got it, jack up the from and spin the tire. I had 1 that was kind of egg shaped on one side due to a broken belt. New tires and issue was solved. if it’s not tires and you don’t want/know how to check the front suspension parts. Find a shop that does alignment checks for free and have them check stuff, if they can’t do it I’m sure they’ll print a list of what’s wrong and ask them to quote the parts this way you have a copy of what to order. For the slowing down issues it’s time to take the tires off and check all the wo
  12. That’s what I’ve been using here in Oklahoma, no issues yet.
  13. My truck makes the humming/light vibration when cold also, especially right now In Oklahoma. wrote is off as cold fluid And usually goes away after a minute or so. I will say it was worse with my old pump, got a new one from oriellys last summer when my brakes/steering wanted to check out. but since you can’t steer even at a idle when sitting still, I’d say the pump is done. Especially if you did all the other work to ensure good fluid and new lines without leaks or air.
  14. If I was in north Dakota again yea I’d leave it plugged in all night, Regardless of heat loss. But in Oklahoma I only do it 2-3 hrs before I go to work, with it being outside and leaving it plugged in all night it won’t keep the heat very well. I don’t think using it will kill the life span, maybe won’t heat as quick.
  15. I use the DAP flavor myself, yet to have a problem or complaint. Ive installed industrial injection brand and they seemed good. I think the guy is still running them after 4-5 yrs
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