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  1. Towrigdually

    Towing air bag recommendations

    Yes the turn over ball is also part of the issue, I love it but boy does it interfere with airbag mounting. Im doubtful the 3500 trucks are different from 2500, they both have overloads and leafs mount in the same location so if it comes down to it and I have to finnesse then into place then so be it, just another reason for me to practice my welding skills lol
  2. Towrigdually

    Towing air bag recommendations

    yss correct, don't know why I said bed. But it's good to know you had room with that brand. Firestone is what I'm finding to be the one that needs less room to install anyways online.
  3. For the nv5600 guys, for awhile Cody at super stick transmissions apparently has been running 50w without problems in multiple transmissions. Might try it myself on the next change. doesn't have a webpsge, but you can look them up on facebook.
  4. Looking to help with the heavy loads but I find online with most kits They say I need 8" between the frame and the inner dual tire. Does anyone have a kit that perhaps mounts different that'll bolt up or tell me I don't need that much space, currently only have 6" On the truck.
  5. Towrigdually

    Anyway to test block heater parts

    Yup bad cord, thanks again for the help.
  6. Towrigdually

    Anyway to test block heater parts

    Awesome I'll to test it tomorrow after work! and figured on buying new stuff, cheaper than what I expected honestly. So both parts will be getting replaced regardless, and likely hold on to the good parts for in a pinch type moments.
  7. I know it's not cold enough yet but, to lessen my idle time by the house this winter (baby) so I plugged in heater to make sure it worked and everything was normal. I plugged in the cord for the first time in 2 yrs and the plug ark welded itself to the power cord, and where the plug goes into the heater element started to smoke an make gurgling noises. Is is there a way to test the cord or the element to figure which part is faulty? As far as I know the element and cord are factory.
  8. Towrigdually

    Thanks to diesel auto power

    They did! They're great and can't wait to drive the truck more.
  9. Needed new injectors recently so I went with a good company, they didn't disappoint. Ordered 75hp 7x.0085 vco like I've been wanting and after I got the new ones in they are great, even though the test drive was short. Got home to fill out the core return and realized I was upgraded! just wanted to say thanks @dieselautopower for the parts, I'll be happy to keep doing business with y'all.
  10. I've always had decent luck buying them in bags off eBay, I think I paid $5 for a bag of 75 a few months ago.
  11. Towrigdually

    New rockers, updated style

    True, but I don't care enough to find out. I'm sure they'll be fine, they came in the high class box anyways!
  12. Towrigdually

    New rockers, updated style

    $185.10 for all 6
  13. Towrigdually

    New rockers, updated style

    Well boys and girls the new rockers came in, ordered them knowing I might be getting an off brand but took the gamble and it paid off. Managed to get genuine cummins, but sadly from India. They were cheapest I could find the part number, they are from M&D distributors, free shipping too. now I get to battle a bad injector issue.
  14. Towrigdually

    New rockers, updated style

    Same, I never paid any mind to it. I looked more into the faces of the wearable areas when it was all apart.
  15. Long story short, truck hasn't been ran in 3 months. Changed head gasket before It was started, took it on a test run and about 1/2 mi from home #6 intake rocker plastic retainer had enough. I'm guessing it broke, then pushrods shoved it up pushing the bridge off the valves. When the rod came up it also pushed the rocker far enough over to lodge it into the bolt which didn't allow it to rock anymore. Got home and found a few others where cracked/brittle so I ordered new ones. Turns out cummins has a newer updated style, ordered them on Saturday. I'll let y'all know how then are when they get here. Pics of #6, and stock photo of the new style. Part no. is 4995602