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Endurance tires by goodyear

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 Unlike goodyear marathons they seem to be holding up.  Local discount tire store has installed 22 since March , about the time they hit the market...no failures yet.

Wish 15 inch tires had more of a choice.

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   Well it about time Goodyear made a decent trailer tire but the tire has been on the market for only 8 months so it's a little premature if they hold up in the long run.  .    


  I've been using the MAXXIS M8008 ST radial tire since 2004.  The first set came with the trailer and lasted 9 years

before dry rot took them out.  I replaced them with another set of the same.  The trailer just went on a 5,200+ mile tow with no tire problems. 


   Amazon is selling the 225/70R-15 Goodyear Endurance for $145.87 per tire x 4 = $583.48.



   Amazon is selling the 225/70R-15 MAXXIS M8008 ST for....$115.97 per tire x 4 = $463.88



   This is a savings of $119.60.  With a savings like that you can get 5 MAXXIS tires, a new spare also, for the price of 4 Endurance. 

    Just my :2cents:

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I think Maxxis is better tire in every way except one.  They are harder to get if you need one on the road.  Very few places keep them on hand.  My trailer tires I use for 5 years then get new.  We have had one tire failure with Goodyear Marathons.  And no damage to trailer skirting but know of others that had lots of problems with Marathons that cost big money fix up trailer after blow out.  


Weight wise load range D is what I can use but have always put on load range E.  



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i used to like the MAXXIS ones, then I got Hercules, and i gotta say. they are the best so far, Lot better sidewall from the maxxis,


i'm thinking i'll be switching to LT truck tires next. but for just under 400$ for the Hercules tires, it's hard to pass up.

i've got 7 years on mine and i think the tread will be gone before they dry rot.

the inside edge from turning is killer on tires.

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