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  1. Killer223

    Started another inframe today

    i like the older oil 66 still offers. it's the good old stuff CI-4+
  2. Killer223

    Started another inframe today

    what local oil company? i use bradco in holbrook, they ahev some great deal on oil. and free delivery to Flagstaff on Tuesdays.
  3. Killer223

    Nv4500 atf+4??

  4. Killer223

    Started another inframe today

    im interested in the broken rings and cylinders.
  5. Killer223

    Started another inframe today

    get an imgur account.
  6. Killer223

    Started another inframe today

    in it for more pics!!! take a lot we love em.
  7. Killer223

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    my fleet. minus the little red ranger, and the 93 toyota pickup.
  8. Killer223

    Vehicle Log App - Simply Auto

    i use fuelly. on ios and it aCar on android.
  9. case in point Mike, you can and should be running longer on your oil.
  10. i used the 9028. for about 60K miles. didn't see a difference in the oil reports to make the price of it worth it.
  11. Killer223

    Best batteries for our trucks

    ok i cant find it, what the WT's ground mod you speak of? @dripley
  12. Killer223

    CR Injector failures and upset owners

    the donaldson dbl7349 is about the best oil filter you an run in these trucks for the price.
  13. Killer223

    Best batteries for our trucks

    sams club, was the best price for them for me. 18$ less per battery then walmarts, just had to replace 4, have 2 to go. i hope they make the winter. fingers crossed.
  14. clean air, clean fuel, clean oil, it'll run a long time. my 95 has 315K 04 260K 08 195K. clean oil, clean air, clean fuel. they say not to let a diesel idle, but i have let mine idle for days at a time. drive them, idle sleep in the cab, drive some, once i slept in the cab for 8 days, it never shut off, i was sick. didnt wana move. no ill effects. the oil once to temp, it's doing the job it's designed to do, these engines like to run, all engines like to run, it's the start stop that kills them. along with bad fuel and dirty air. some with poor programming. even still wash them good in the winter as often as you can. it'll treat you right if you do the same.
  15. i think the reason the are a little quieter with the TCW3 is the flash point fo that oil compared to diesel. i could be wrong, yes. bu i know my old 12V my old 02 that i sold, and my 04 all are a noticeably quieter with TCW3 in the tank.