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  1. Killer223

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    are those screws in the plastic to hold it to the metal on the bumper? sharp looking truck.. i like it!!
  2. it's weird why people love the older trucks, fillin up my 95 12V 5speed the other day guy walks up askes what year, tell him 95, he askes manual? yes, i'll give you 10K for it right now fallow me to the bank, never asked the miles (310K) or looked inside. just wanted the truck. crazy... needless to say i still have it.
  3. Killer223

    Big change in my life...

    sorry to hear the news. might look into an alkaline body, and the lack of cancer ever being found in an alkaline body.... if the site needs my help i'm here.
  4. So my Tekonsha from 96 died on me. took the controller from my mega a prodigy p2 and all is well. So, should i get another prodigy? or is there something better for the money?
  5. so i was power washing under my truck 95 12V yesterday, trying to find where the oil is leaking from, it's more like wheres it NOT leaking from... wow... it leaks alot, anyhow. on the exhaust, saw an interesting little something.. can anyone tell me what it was once used for?
  6. watch all of these in this series. very very enlightening.
  7. Killer223

    oil choices.

    back to the CI oil thing, found another maker blending CI's agian. even have a section for it. https://www.phillips66lubricants.com/products/heavy-duty-engine-oil i hope Valvoline reintroduces a Ci oil i have a gallon of the good stuff left. i'd stock up on another 100-200 gallons if they produced it again.
  8. Killer223

    Let's talk about shocks.

    bilstiene 4600, 5100, are the same valving, different length and body. rancho 7000's are a mono tube gas shock like the 4600's are. you want to stay away from the 5000 and 9000 series. KYB mono tub are good. i have 3 dodge trucks, 2 have the 4600's and the older 95 has 9000 ranchos. i like the 4600's the most.
  9. Killer223

    The Future of Trucks

    by the time the electric vehicle is here, they'll have outlawed driving for "safety" reasons.
  10. Killer223

    Nv4500 atf+4??

    Ima thry it in my 95. Then when the 08 needs service I'll try it in the g56 as well. I really like the swepco711 in the g56. It's a toss up compared to the amsoil mtg.
  11. Killer223

    Started another inframe today

    i like the older oil 66 still offers. it's the good old stuff CI-4+
  12. Killer223

    Started another inframe today

    what local oil company? i use bradco in holbrook, they ahev some great deal on oil. and free delivery to Flagstaff on Tuesdays.
  13. Killer223

    Nv4500 atf+4??

  14. Killer223

    Started another inframe today

    im interested in the broken rings and cylinders.
  15. Killer223

    Started another inframe today

    get an imgur account.