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  1. Killer223

    balljoint time again.

    dynatracs ordered. will report how the install goes.
  2. Killer223

    balljoint time again.

    anyone know about the EMF? the idea looks promising. but i'd like to hear from someone that has 100+K on a set.
  3. Killer223

    balljoint time again.

    those are second gen ball joints. i think the 3'rd gens are different with the AAM axles. are you talking about the "professional" AC delco ones?
  4. this is for the 08. so it's a toss up between EMF and Dynatrac. i have the dyna's in the 04, and they are in great shape only 25K but still. both are giving awesome reviews online. anyone here have any thoughts on them?
  5. Killer223

    I can see!!!

    time is a human concept. that said, when the hour glass is out of sand you can't turn it over and start again.
  6. this is what i had from a leaking roof. all fixed now.
  7. Killer223

    Bouncing Around

    agree on the 9000's, have them on the 95, and i gotta say, it's not bad, rides nice. i have no idea what they are adjusted to. but it's smooth ride.
  8. Killer223

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    here i have 3 of them, kinda like a hobby to me now. still my favorite is the 04, i just LOVe this truck. my 08 is a towing monster!! the 95 is, well a 95 12V, runs strong, drives nice, but it's still a 95. with over 300K on it. it'll likely become the wood cutting truck. i sure don't NEED 3 cummins trucks, but i'm lucky enough to be able to afford them. so i do. if i had to choose, i'd have to be the 04. 250K and yeah, i love that truck.
  9. Killer223

    New, to me, chainsaw!!

    Thanks, i can do some ok work from time to time, it's more like you said baby sitting now though. i let my guys do most of the work. typing and seeing home owners is a full time job.
  10. Killer223

    New, to me, chainsaw!!

    I don't have any really good ones of the tables, for some odd reason. i switched from apple to linux and most of the pics are still on the macbook. here are a few, and i'll throw in some of the log houses i painted/stained if any one wants to see. here its been filled with the clear casting agent, and sanded ready for lacquer. this is what the voids looked like before filling with the clear casting agent. you can kinda get an idea what it'll look like from this pic. i attached more pics but they are not showing up. maybe need another post for them... Most of these are in 7+ million dollar log homes. yes those are real good nuggets in that table. old man said table was worth over 200 grand in gold alone.
  11. Killer223

    New, to me, chainsaw!!

    I’ll dig through the computer when i get home, don’t have any on my mobile.
  12. My old Jeep used to say “take off your top” on the back. Great conversation piece for sure.
  13. Killer223

    New, to me, chainsaw!!

    gotta have a big saw for these old dead ones, i make tables from them. the 88 has a 59" bar with handle. full skip chain. it's beast for sure. this one is over 8 foot across.
  14. Killer223

    New, to me, chainsaw!!

    great saw!!! sadly mine was stolen a few year ago. i still have a 026, 360, 066. 088, my favorite is still the 360, power to weight with a 20" 325 bar is about as perfect as it gets for me. nice find for sure!!!
  15. Killer223

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    to get a straight shot i'd be standing on the neighbors roof. here it is hooked to my 04 empty.