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  1. Finally install airbags.

    years ago in my jeeps we used a york 210 ac compressor for onboard air. i wonder if that could be adapted to these trucks? it had enough scfm to run power tools, air up tires in a minutes not hours. might be handy on my work truck, not something i'd do to my 08 though.
  2. Finally install airbags.

    Is it plumbed to a tank? or stand alone? i am looking into something like this but with a 2-4 gallon tank.
  3. Good Batteries

    i don' t have those, but i do have 2x 6V batteries, and they are indeed awesome over a normal deep cycle 12V. we can usually go a week or more on batteries alone in the woods. mine are about 10 years old now, and when it's time for new ones i'ma look into the ones you posted about. Thanks.
  4. i had an 88 S15 with the 4.3 in it, great engine, ok, that said mine did this to me a few times, once was bad cap/rotor, and the other was the electronic module in the bottom of the distributor. i think they called it the ignition control module. one other time i had issues was bad wires right outs the box, and plugs not gaped correctly.
  5. Gun safes

    you can move a safe with golf balls or marbles. Just need to rock it enough to get some under it, also concrete stakes work well.
  6. 3 cyl high idle still Low EGTs....

    best thing i ever did was drop into gear and put load on engine, set the E-brake and drop into reverse for me. but still. put load on the engine. it always heated up faster that way then 3 cylinder.
  7. In Tank Fuel Pump replacement (lifting bed)

    Awesome write up. Thank you for taking the time to do this.
  8. Motor restore

    dumped into the oil? we used to use ATF back in the day. talk about cleaning the inside of the engine... but it was always like within 2-300 miles before and oil change. i'll be interesting to see how this works in the cummins.
  9. i lifted the bed on my 02, took 2x6 and turned on edge between the bed and frame then wedged a 2x8 in there, was plenty of room then.
  10. Thermostat

    yeah my bad, i really should learn to read what section i'm clicking into. sorry bout that.
  11. Thermostat

    i went through 3 t-stats before i broke down and got a cummins one, has 2 stants and one gates i think it was. i really like the cummins one. now only have roughly 5 degree temp swing, then after a while it stays right at 188. for a 190 stat. i've not had good luck with those.
  12. Gun safes

    i have a few, the best built and my personal favorite is a Liberty, it's very nice, and has the longest fire rating. it's behind a fake wall. and i have another will my high dollar items in it that has it's own water line to it from the main so in case of fire it floods when inside temp reaches a set point, (that i can't remember right now). it's also behind a fake wall elsewhere. and i have a third in plane view with some 22's and a few small hand guns in it, more a decoy really. my first was a small one, then i had to buy another 5 years later, and another 10 years after that. so if you only want to buy one, get a bigun.
  13. Road Trip.

    Well i think i'ma change the oil and fuel filters tomorrow, might as well get my winter grade oil in. take in get tires rotated (son works for discount tire) . need to put a new T-stat in the 04, i drove 36 miles today and it never got above 158. so yeah that kinda sucks. i'm get my new wipers installed. and well.. wait till wife say's lets go. !!! Thanks for all the info everyone.
  14. Road Trip.

    lol right!!! i know it's just a tunnel, but when you've been married long as i have. you know when to pick your battles. this isn't one of them.