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  1. Back to spark plugs...

    i know the feeling Mike, i have 2 diesel trucks, and we also have a 2011 ford ranger. sometime i just like driving the little truck, it's easy to park. but it only gets 14-15 mpg, the two cummins trucks get 17-20. so it's kinda a wash fuel wise. it's time for that little truck to get some use.
  2. oil choices.

    i get the high temp, but in these engines, is it really an issue? i know in my race engines i use a synthetic (Amsoil) even, as they work very heard. I just can't see that being an issue in my application. granted i don't have an oil temp gauge, but really don't see temp being an issue for 98% of users out there. at the price point i got this oil, and the fact they are making it again! i see me using lots of it in the future. plus i get free delivery on Tuesdays. i will be ordering some kits and doing a VOA and a UOA when the time comes. i have a few more trips before the 08 is ready for an oil change. at about 6800 right now.
  3. you should really probe AH for info on this. UDC pro or maybe a smarty touch could be in order for you. i'm sure something could be worked out to where you are satisfied with the tunes.
  4. Well the Order is in

    i could never understand buy a new truck from a dealer, you loose over 10G just driving off the lot. let alone financing it. i made this mistake once. from then on i've payed cash for all my vehicles. i'll forever buy a used 30K mile from now on. but!! congrats on the new debt!!!
  5. oil choices.

    i wonder, what makes you conclude the CK is better then the CI, flow properties? thermal stability? far as i can see the additive package is lower.
  6. oil choices.

    begs the question, why would they start producing the CI+ again...
  7. oil choices.

    i have not, not even sure what OAI is. for when i think of OAI i think of open archive initiative, but that's not an oil thing. i'll look into it, i'm guessing they have kits like blackstone does? also that they do VOA as well as UOA. thanks for the heads up.
  8. oil choices.

    Yes it's new from what i can tell, as i've been searching for a good CI oil for a few years and have not been able to find any till recently. my oil stays clean for the first 4-5K miles anyhow. so soot isn't an issue for me. i think the additive package in the older oils was better then the new stuff. i could be wrong though. i don't do extend drains, usually going between 7500 and 10K miles on an oil. even at 10K Blackstone tells me my TBN was still mid 8's and i could easily go longer. This was with Valvoline 15/40.
  9. oil choices.

    Now i usually get what ever is on sale, with a preference for Valvoline, but i run Travellers from tractor supply as well. on Friday i found some Mobil Delvac that is the good ol CI4+. and even found it locally. i'll be sending off a sample for a VOA, then changing oil in the 08 in a few weeks. i'm liking the idea of a CI4+ and not a CK oil. https://www.mobil.com/en/mobil-delvac/products/engine-oils/mobil-delvac/mobil-delvac-mx-f2 and for around $12 ish dollars a gallon, it's a great alternative i would think.
  10. How many KMS/MILES you got

    that wouldn't be deboss garage would it?
  11. Help with Mapping GPS

    i have 5 gamin units. i use an older software called mapsource to put them onto the units. it's not easy to locate, but it is our there, some have switched to basecamp, but i like mapsource so much better. i have a copy of it, but i'm not sure how i'd transfer it. it's rather large form adding maps over the years. very easy to use, open mapsource, select the maps you want on the GPS, then click the transfer button. the software puts them on the GPS for you. as for maps, i have the standard garmin maps, and i also download local high def ones from GPSFiledepo.com they are free. i also have a streets maps i can load on my older nuvi for when i'ts not being used for a geocache one and is used for road trips instead. they both have microSD card slots for added storage and or maps. but i've found the standard 2GB is plenty for me. my entire Garmin folder is 10 GB. i'm all ears on how to transfer it to you if we can find a way. the version located here, https://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=209 is an upgrade to the really old version, but i have to have the older version for this to work. wonder if i could hack a folder together that would make it work... off to a virtual machine for testing...
  12. Help with Mapping GPS

    i'm not a fan of the Magellan GPS's. the Garmin are much better units. I don't know of any free maps that are worth a darn for the Magellan systems. http://maps4me.net/ is where i would start. i'm of no help on getting them to the unit. i really like my Garmin units.
  13. another dusted cummins

    So sad to see this, and now with more detailed pics than have been available. i do NOT know this person, just came across the post. https://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/4666091/1
  14. Dodge Off-road LLC

    i've read nasty stories on CF about these people. i've never had dealings with them though. let us know what you end up doing.
  15. Speaker diagnostic help

    do you have another speaker you can hook up to test? yes the Voltage changes with volume. if your getting voltage then i'd tend to think the power is there, so another speaker, even house speaker can work.