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  1. Celtic Clamper

    Celtic Clamper

  2. Thanks. I didnt realize that the color was checked in the selection.
  3. Mike, did you replace all of the interior cab lights except the dash? What color temp did you use? Any chance you could give a quantity of required bulbs?
  4. As soon as I saw it I realized I could maybe add an inline duct fan. Thanks for the idea. I would want something that noisy hidden, but the concept is there.
  5. Thats way more than I expected. Thank you Stanley. I can machine and fabricate fairly well. You have gone far above and beyond. I owe you one.
  6. Damn Stanley, you are going all in. I keep looking at my instrument cluster thinking I could do a better job with some Isspros and a piece of sheet metal. Considering fabbing some sheet metal door panels too.
  7. I dont have that problem, but agree. My little farm town has me pushing 50 miles round trip to work. Let alone pulling the trailer, going 20 miles to the hardware store, etc. I push about 15k/year.
  8. Mike, were you ever able to get the LX to offset and read the actual boost?
  9. Looks like its time to pull the reciepts out of my truck file and send that letter. From what I found without being too weird stalker, he probably isnt a Facebook/forum kind of guy. I went in and had the dealer pull the record on it right away. I bought it at 105k miles. It had the lift pump and Inj pump changed at 88k. Yeah me. They had no record of the trans being done. It was obviously a newly rebuilt trans. I called all the trans shops within a couple hundred miles of his place, there was no record of the VIN. at any of them.
  10. Probably. At the rate I am going It probably wont matter. I did the heater core and thought "man that coolant looks great." Looked over my records, water pump changed 10k miles ago.
  11. Makes me wonder if the system could be protected by cathodic protection placed in one of the block ports.
  12. It would be cool to know about the truck. It was babied. It is from a tiny area North of Missoula.
  13. I figured I would have one of the papers in the envelope say, "Please leave me alone and do not attempt to contact me ever again." Reason I want to know so bad, is that my truck had better power than all 50 of the other 2nd Gens I tested. I also noticed a new trans under it. I would hate to spec a trans thinking it would be an upgrade, only to find out that I already had better.
  14. I used new foam around my parts. Kind of copied the Mopar setup. The heater core needed a little encouragement to fit all the way down with the foam on. Remember that the foam is really used to block the air flow, and second as a cushion to keep the rattles down. So if the foam you get around the heater core is too tight, just line both sides of the heater core so that the air cannot bypass it. We use shutoff valves on heavy equipment all the time. It would greatly help the a/c in the hot months. But you will lose a little of your tempering ability. I will be installing inline bypasses later. I ran out of time and needed it back on the road. I am a fan of bypasses. But put them on the block. That way if you rupture a hose or core, its an easy repair and back on the road.
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