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HELP!! P1689 limp mode

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So, I've owned my truck for 6 years, it has 135k miles on it, never drivin in winter.... it has an edge comp and has been 100% reliable and has never broken down...


last summer I was driving and the truck started to loose power, I immediately pulled over to find fuel dripping and sprayed on the driver side of the motor. I still had 15psi at idle. I found the return fuel line was snapped off right after the banjo bolt connection. All things behind the pump and under got wet. 

I fixed the line with a new oem line and over flow banjo bolt with gaskets.

**I proceeded to drive it and the truck wouldn't rev up over 1700 rpm, went dead pedal then tried to go again. Over and over it does this. It's reading the p1689 code "injection pump no communication with ecm" 


In the drive way the truck will rev past 1700 if you go very easy on the throttal but if you floor it or put any load on the motor it cuts out, sometimes stalls if you Let off the pedal right away .


ive cleaned and reinstalled all plugs with de-ox, checked for broken wires and grounds. Everything looks fine. I've washed the motor with a power washer and degreaser before, never had a problem... 



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