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Avatar/Signature How To

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This is a tutorial on how to do the 2 basic functions of the forum.

An Avatar is the picture you see under peoples name when they post things, a signature is details about their truck that you see under the text that they post.

Posted Image

Keep in mind that you are not a standard member until you have 20 posts and have been a member for 14 days. What you can do will be limited, I don't think you can have an avatar and your signature must be shorter. Once you're a standard member you can do all the normal stuff.

Posting into the "Community" section will not gain you any posts, you must ask questions or give advice in any of the other sections to be able to gain a post count. This is to keep people from gaining a thousand post counts when all they do is post things that don't help anyone.

These 2 things actually share a lot of steps, so I will split them up towards the end as they end up with unique windows.

1. First off is clicking on "Control Panel":

Posted Image

2. Now on the left if you scroll down a little is "Edit Avatar" or "Edit Signature", click on the one you want to edit.

Posted Image


You should have already click Edit Avatar and be at this next page

Here we have to do 3 things.

1. Click "Use Custom Avatar"

2. If you know the address of a picture on the internet, use that address in the top box, if you are uploading a picture from your computer, use the second box by clicking "Choose" which will let you search your computer for the picture.

You will then have either a website address in the first box or a file location in the second box (like mine does).

3. Click on "Save Changes" and you will now have an Avatar.

Posted Image


You should have already clicked "Edit Signature"

Once again we have 3 things.

1. Put in what you want your signature to say.

2. Click "Preview Signature" to get a preview to see if it is how you want it to look.

3. Click on "Save Signature" and your signature will be saved.

Posted Image

That's all there is to it. You can go back and change any of that any time you want to.

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