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BMW pwm and Holset can-bus

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Hi! I'm from the UK, new to this very interesting forum!


I have a bmw 330d (common rail, piezo injection 3.0td) that uses Bosch edc16 engine management. It drives the original Garrett gtb2260v vnt turbo using a Hella actuator and pwm data signal.


I have a holset he431ve (29cm) that uses a (I think) 24v can-bus actuator, the big heavy duty version of the actuator as you'll know - it's water cooled and very hefty. With gearing on the 3phase motor. 


My original plan was to run the holset with the Hella actuator, but I don't think it'll last or work well as the Garretts use pivot vanes that are very light and easy to move compared to the holset vgt sliding mechanism.


That means I have to get the holset actuator working. Is there any way to use an Arduino based devise with canbus shield (I've done some reading, still not very familiar, feel out of my depth) that is somehow able to utilise the original edc16 pwm signal to control the holset? 


This would allow me to retain the ecu control and have some hope of spooling this monster turbo adequately.


Otherwise I'm limited to boost pressure actuator or possibly even trying to use two Hella actuators to operate the vgt in parralel. Not sure it would still work. 


Any input or direction would be greatly received. Thanks and sorry for the lengthy post.



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