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Tinkering with some old iron today

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Nice. Those old Farmalls did a LOT of work over the years. The green stuff usually gets the most credit though. A Harris sitting there too. Is that a 44? I'd love to have a buck saw for my firewood operation but I don't have a flat belt tractor and the PTO adapters are soooo expensive if you can find one at all.

Here's one of mine


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@dave110 We have several old tractors. Our newest farm tractor is a '73 Ford 5000.

 Actually, the MH in the back ground is a 1938 101, it was one of the first few hundred built. Originally bought by my great grandfather, still has the original Dodge flat head 6 in it. That one is on the list for some attention here soon.

 We haven't used buzz saws in quite a while so I don't know if they will even be practical with chainsaws now days but I like to play with the old stuff sometimes just to keep it alive. Nostalgic I guess.

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My uncle was a used farm machinery dealer in the 50's-80's. He used to run Ohio a lot. I'm not sure exactly where but Dad used to run truck tractor to Archibald for him. I wouldnt doubt those tractors were on his truck at  some point. My buddy has a Super C with a fast hitch buck saw. Nice setup. Runs off the back flat pulley. I borrowed it one year when I had a bunch of slab wood and smaller branches to cut. Sure saves my old back. But you'd better be on your game when using it. Those things were invented before OSHA was around :lol:

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 Definitely! There are no safety switches on these old machines. Common sense played a big part back then. 

 I do enjoy running them though. Brings back alot of memories of my grandfather when I was young. I also love the sound of those old flat head engines running especially when your making them work. They have a sound of their own. Hard to believe that most riding mowers these days have more horsepower than these old tractors but they could never do the work of the old tractors or last nearly as long.

 I have 4 non runners at the moment, a '38 Massey 101 that was running a couple years ago but has a carb issue and the part is hard to find and a '39 Farmall A that I had running at one point but the thanks to a storm it got water in a cylinder. Now she's stuck again. 

 My grandpa's '47 Farmall H ( bought on his GI bill after WW2) that will be a complete resto, same for my great grandpa's Massey Harris Pony. (Year unknown)

 I'd like to get them all running and line them up for a collection picture. I better use the panorama feature on the camera. Lol

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