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Quadzilla coolant temperature?

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Thank you for the reply. I was having issues when running a smarty SO3 where The temp sensor I have in the back of the head for my gauge was reading real hot. I think this was a EGT issue causing that sensor to see way higher temps. After installing the quadzilla and setting it to defuel for EGT It is not spiking that gauge. I was just wanting to monitor that gauge along with the quad gauge to make sure it was good to go. 

thank you! 

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Ok. Double checking, a lot of people like to stack thinking they will gain from both. 


Quadzilla wise you want to tune the timing for the lowest engine load and engine oil temperature (using optional trans temp sensor in the oil pressure port above the filter). Like myself engine oil is about 165*F and engine load is 16 to 18% at 65 MPH or 2,000 RPM. Fueling maps just add enough extra fuel to see smoke then back down...


Towing tune...





Like myself on my economy tune I've started a bit high but understand it might roll a bit of smoke.  The timing I run is fairly steep at 24* at 2,000 RPM. But efficiency is good in the 20's for sure. Even towing to Arizona I made a high mark of 14.7 MPG with 17,300 pounds GCW of truck and trailer. 62 foot long. 


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And you are running 75hp injectors? I’ve currently got RV275 injectors. This whole setup is in a 2000 ford excursion. I’m running a 3rd gen exhaust manifold and turbo. I’d like to have the best fuel economy I can while also having power. 

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Yes to both. 


I'm making max boost of 47 to 49 PSI. I'm running a lot of timing which gives the efficiency to the tune. My cruise timing drops out at 22% or 33% depending on Economy tune or towing. Still up at 23* to 24* of timing at 2,000 RPM's. I know stock tune can reach 20* to 21* (at below 80*F IAT temp) so its about an extra 2 to 4 degrees on top of stock range. Then you figure the 320 bar makes it roughly about 1 degree late in firing the injectors. 


Fun part is looks on peoples face when you leave the light with the trailer in tow and the back tires break loose under heavy throttle at about 3rd gear. Just looks like a plain Jane stock tune but it has balls...

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