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A fire chief wrestles with front-line apparatus time-outs due to EPA Diesel Emissions

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Mopar1973Man    3,797

I think the whole DPF system in the entire system is bad... Like a lot of people I know don't drive long hand and drive alot of dirt roads in the mountains where roads speeds don't allow for regen process to occur. So if the DPF is plugging up and your 60 miles from town up a dirt road what are you going to do? No cell service? Walking is not a option? At any point the system is hazardous... As for EMS/Fire if your vehicle breaks down or goes limp mode that can be the difference of a lawsuit, dearth, or serious injury! Once again I think that any kind of system that can put the vehicle in limp more, shutdown, etc is just plain hazardous to anyone... Another example say you transporting a injury person to safety say from the mountains into town and DPF system cut you out... Just bad... One of the few reasons I will not give up my 24V 2nd Dodge Cummins... Just like a thread I posted a while back where the tire pressure sensor on a Motorhome disabled the engine in a blind corner and left hime stranded in the lane in this blind corner...

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