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Who all owns a Camera? Website support idea.

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Hey everyone. I know we are all aware of the need for money to keep mopar1973man.com running.  I had an idea i just wanted to toss out there. I have my own YouTube Channel i have been posting random stuff on for years just as A hobby trying to help others. I have now started to make a bit of money off ad revenue and have used this money to purchase a better camera and it pays for most of the maintenance on my truck. I in turn started making videos on my truck purposely and kind of use the money now towards upgrades/ maintenance and make more videos. 

With all that being said i am curious who all owns a camera and has internet that can upload videos? I was thinking what if we started a group mopar1973man forum youtube channel ( i know mopar1973man already has his own channel) If someone is working on there truck and can offer a How To: video or a tech tip that would help others we all could work together and compile a bunch of videos and upload them to the channel, in turn when the channel would start making money off of ads, 100% of the proceeds will go towards the website and keeping it maintained and upgraded. If this would go well and proceeds exceeded what the website needed to run we could use this spare money for giving the members a little gift, say a mopar1973man t shirt or coffee mug or something. That is forward thinking on that but just an idea. Of course all this would have to be approved but i know for fact i would donate some time to make and edit some videos for the forum’s channel and could hopefully help it bring in some revenue. Just an idea and i thought it is another way for the community to help without the proceeds coming directly out of there pocket?? Josh

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I already have a YT channel for my kayak fishing adventures here in the PNW.  I have some Go-Pro cameras and other video cameras that I could use for this project if it gets approved. 


I wished I would of known this a couple of weeks ago.  In the last couple of weeks I did injectors, headstuds, valve lash, re-checked the torque on the headstuds, and an oil change (I installed one of those EZ Oil Drain valves too). 


Of course there are already videos on all of this here on this site that I know are better than what I did.  Mine would of been more on "what not to do" and "how to take longer then it should" :lmao:

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I've started that a long time ago but now my life is about getting job done in a timely manner. I need to get back to doing videos of stuff. I've got a very expensive camera I bought a long time ago. 




This is the camera I typically use for documenting articles and doing videos. Lots of functions and abilities. Like doing the LED bulb pictures I was able to make the shutter speed faster so the bulbs don't was out the photo.


Amazon.com: Samsung Galaxy S10+, 128GB, Prism Green - For AT&T / T-Mobile  (Renewed)


Then my current phone Samsung S10+ has a stellar camera and video recorder. The shame is my magnetic mount on my dash doesn't aim the camera at me like my old Gooseneck stand did. I use this for quick photos for post... I've used the video mode on this camera and even has slow-mo so you can really burn up the memory and make some huge video files. 



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