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Losing my mind


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I need a 100 hour a week job in or something. Been so bored I have just been out staring at my truck making it more customized each day. A week ago I took the back seat out. I have had so much crap on it for a long time that I just cleaned it all out and threw the seat in the attic. The roominess was nice. For some reason we have a lot of toolboxes around the house so I eventually decided to try one out. The viable ones were either the one I used or one that was a little taller with maybe 3 more drawers. That one wouldn't work since the top had to open to open the drawers and I would have had to put the box 3-4" away from the back of the cab, which then I probably couldn't open the drawers very far. So I decided on this little one which might be better since it has a deep drawer which the other didn't have. Got it centered in perfectly and it sits about 1/4" from the back of the cab so they wouldn't rattle each other. Put some self tapping screws in and now it's solid as a rock. The hardest part which maybe you guys can help me with is deciding which tools to put in it. Socketwise, my 1/4" will go up to 14mm-9/16" so I think I will just throw in a 1/2" set that starts at 15mm-5/8" and goes from there. I will probably put a good amount of wrenches in it. That leaves pliers which can probably fit in with the sockets. Screwdrivers. What else would you guys have in it? As for application, I just want to be able to work on anything on my truck in the middle of nowhere.


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So when your gauge messes up and you run out of fuel you can't bleed it :lol:

That is one heck of a set. Just looking at it I thought it seemed like I was looking at some optical illusion from there being so many.

That squares away the main tools, well actually I haven't stuck any in yet but I was wondering more what else as in specialty tools.. Like umm, hmm, gear puller.. Probably can't fit that in there but specialty stuff like that. I'll probably throw a feeler gauge in and maybe some calipers along with all my electrical crap but I can't think of anything else. I got a really bright LED light so we're good there. Hmmm, lock tite, haynes manual.

--- Update to the previous post...

I had no idea I could fit all this in there. I thought only 2/3 of all that was going to fit. I think Flman's organization on the sprinter must have rubbed off :lol:

I took it down the road to see how awful it was and when you hear me open the socket drawer you hear all the chinging, well that was all I really heard and that was in our driveway full of braking bumps. It was the socket wrench and all those extensions so I stuck them all together and stuck it between one of the socket sets, problem solved. Believe it or not, turning or braking didn't make a sound. Think I packed it good and tight so it won't slide around. So as long as I can make it out of the driveway, I'm good to go :cool:


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