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A warning, bottle bombs

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JJK98CTD    0

Yes it is insane. That has been around for a long time. Just not talked about. How they work is you take a bigger soda/pop bottle 2 liter, Roll up a piece of tinfoil, long and thick enough to stuff down the bottle neck, to stay in place. When you use draino, or a emulsion cleaner I.E toilet cleaner. Pour it down the bottle neck, cap it shake the hell out of it. and throw it or place some where. Wait a few minutes the foil and cleaner start to react. and the gasses are being formed. The bottle will swell almost double or triple it's size, then it blows. It will literally shock you how loud it will be. It's like a modern day Molotov cocktail. Heres some examples.


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cummins2k    0

While not the same my wife worked at a fire safety company that was family owned and operated for the most part. One day the managers son got the bright idea of putting his younger cousin up to making a bottle bomb with some form of CO2. Needless to say it wasn't till the last minute when they thought it was dud it went off. The bottle was in his hand at the time and it turns out he didn't break anything but it caused enough swelling and the plastic cut his hand up pretty good.Regardless it is not wise to play with things of this nature and if you do at least use some common sense and do it in a manner that doesn't put others at risk.

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